Keep It Simple Saturday

I’m tired.  I haven’t really slept in two days.  My body feels pain from everything that is happening in the world.  Destruction, chaos, hatred, and death.  Why must we make life so complicated and why doesn’t life mean anything at all to so many?

Today I’m simplifying  just one thing, love.  Today I promise to show love in everything I do.  I think that’s simple enough.

How about you guys?  How simple are you today?

10 thoughts on “Keep It Simple Saturday

  1. Trying, hard, to just relax and watch the basketball games… But I can’t stop myself from flipping over to CNN for the occasional flash of bad news… 😐

    • Thanks TT, sometimes and I’m not sure about Mak but I feel so helpless when it comes to such disasters, I feel like I should do something but can never figure it out.

  2. While i’m not sure showing love in everything you do is so simple, i applaud your courage. Today I hope my day entails a lot of TV and hanky panky. Simple enough for me…

    • Where were you when I was getting bitched at by a neighbor about there sod and my chopping wood? 😉 Oh I sure as heck didn’t feel anything even remotely like love or even like towards her. I don’t know why drama is such in issue in this neighborhood. All I kept thinking is “really, really with everything that is going on over seas THIS is what you decide you need to do and say today?” I didn’t though and kept my vow that I made a long time ago never to punch anyone in the mouth again.
      So my simple day, I failed at.

  3. At this stage in my life, I have had to drastically simplify my life. Even my plan to do so was simple, but simple does not always mean easy because it meant changing my behavior and thought patterns. Plan? Worry only about what I have control over.

    We want to think we have control over so many aspects of our lives that we really don’t and fear the consequences of these imposed obligations. We must weigh out worst case scenarios in a realistic manner (there are so many threats we will be told and convinced of that are not actually realistic, but they are possable so we live in fear). I do not become oblivious or unfeeling to the things going on around me and while I do wish the world peace and traquility, I also realise it to be unrealistic and instead find comfort in the fact my own small problems are just that in comparison.

    As for dealing with the rest of the world, I find “love” a hard concept to get my head around. I opt instead for “compassion”. This is also another thing that is easy enough to proclaim, but a little more difficult in acting upon. For instance, we do not have to even like someone to show compassion. Compassion is not always what the other person wants, but it is always what the other person needs ( A drunk wants a drink, but the compassionate will help to sober them up). Compassion does not mean sacraficing to the point that you yourself suffers, but shaping each action so that it is beneficial to all. Sometimes it is compassionate to end or avoid a toxic relationship. I could go on, but the seed is planted.

    • Hi Wayne. You’ve given me a ton to think about. I really appreciate you taking the time to pass that on to me, you’ve put thoughts here that I need to think about and process.

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