Disaster in Japan!

Dearest Mother Nature,

Please stop it.


I have very few words right now.  I have a gripping feeling in my heart right now, an ache in my soul as I know this is going to be a huge disaster.  8.9 magnitude earthquake and then a 30 foot high wall of water coming right at you at the speed of light.  The grim reaper has shown its face this morning, well night time in Japan and I have a feeling I know where Anderson Cooper will be.  Please stay safe everyone.

*Update*  There are so many things occurring over this that I wouldn’t be able to post that many updates.  Here’s a Live Blog from CNN that’s a great way to check and see what is currently happening.  Let’s keep the one’s that have been effected by this incredible shake from Mother Nature in our thoughts and send as much peaceful energy their way. *Update*

9 thoughts on “Disaster in Japan!

  1. I felt exactly the same when I heard about it. Even Google have out a warning on their home page. What a terrible disaster to strike that part of the world. Again.

    My heart really goes to them. I just hope it won’t be as bad as they’re expecting.

    • I had a feeling you were watching too Mak. I shot awake at 4 this morning with unbelievable pull to somewhere, no clue where so made coffee and sat down to blog then saw this. I’m still stunned.

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