Partake After Work?

Grrrrr I’m unable to find the link to the story about the Swedish doctor who is an alcoholic and was in danger of losing his job because of his after work romance with alcohol. Anyway this topic has me thinking…

  1. If you’re an alcoholic or addict, should you be able to partake after hours to any extent your addiction wants? (Notice I said your addiction wants)
  2. Is it different if you are lets say a doctor whom does surgery, an airline pilot, a teacher? 
  3. What is your employment place allowed to do if they find out you are a hard core addict/alcoholic?
  4. Is it any different if your job is a parent?

Now mind you my answers to these questions are opinions and just that, I speak of no facts at this point since I can’t find the darn link (spoken between my teeth with sweet smile, yes my sarcastic abilities are many).

Personally I think your afterwork hours are just that yours, if you want to get bombed so be it, just don’t take it to work with you.  Now I understand how impossible that can turn into.  I went to work many of mornings still drunk and many of days went and got drunk while still on the job, but I wasn’t an on-call doctor, not an airline pilot, not a delivery person; I was an office manager and then in the evenings a telemarketer so I only dealt most of the time with customers over the phone.  I do know that if I went to see a doctor that smelled of liquor, uhhhh I’d be walking out.  Your job is your professional life and when our addictions start to control our lives to the point we are taking it into our work place then well a big red flag is waving saying “I’m gonna hit bottom pretty damn soon, someone help please!”  So my answer to question number 2 is simple, in my opinion; hell yes

As far as what is allowed between you, your addictions and your employer; I imagine it has to do with the company, if you have taken an oath, licensing, how well your employer wants to know you, if they even care.  I do know back when I was working, the state I was in said flat out if you have an issue and your employer feels it’s at the point that it’s in the way then they have to offer you treatment, if you go and go right back into active addiction then they can fire you and if you turn treatment down then they can let you go no questions asked and of course they can by law do random tests on their employees to find out whether employees drink or do illegal drugs.  Like I said, while I was working I would partake at any hour however the owner of the company is an alcoholic/addict.  I really believe it has to do with what kind of job you are doing, my piddly customer service job was just that piddly compared to someone whom is going to diagnose someone and perform treatment on them.  And you better not be drunk flying a damn plane, that’s just some scary shit!

And we come to number 4….I should’ve been fired long ago.  It pains me to think of the dangers my children were in or would be in while I was in my active career of a drunk bitch.  Hence I stay sober one minute, one hour, one day at a time.

11 thoughts on “Partake After Work?

  1. By definition, an alcoholic can’t control her drinking. It’s all or nothing. I can’t show up at my job under the influence or hampered by the after effects. In that way it shouldn’t matter if alcohol is endangering innocent bystanders or just the product and productivity of the user. But yeah. Is not/should not be allowed.

    • I hear you there Lydia. My opinions seem to flip flop with this issue so much, my mind keeps coming up with more and more of examples. I appreciate your comment.

  2. I hear what you have to say and it’s a dilemma. I’m not at all comfortable condemning people. I can think of a wide range of exmaples like airline pilots and long haul truck drivers, and those who have jobs like surgeons do, etc. They are expected to keep others safe and not endanger them, so I do think we do hold them to a higher standard of care and competancy.

    • I really am at a dilemma on this. I do truly believe that some are held at higher standards than others. Just my own situation being a Mom; if I ‘show up to work’ stumbling from the night before, if anyone is there to see it, someone is going to take over and I could possibly lose my job by having my kids taken away. If the man in the convienience store shows up sick from the night before, not a big deal to me. And is it condeming people? I don’t know but I feel that in a way I kind of am.

  3. Drinking was part of my job. All-you-can-drink wine at lunch, cocktail party every Friday… A couple times i went overboard and the boss and her assistant had to have a talk with me more than once. Still, as i’m well liked by the clients, they tended to turn the other way. Fortunately, everyone at my job supported me while i was in the hospital and they continue to support me in my recovery…

    As for drinking as a parent, i did it a couple of times and regret each instant.

    • I just love you Al. I know of that regret, it’s one thing that helps keep me sober now.
      And another good example btw, a bartender…do I care if he shows up not all there from the night before? Sadly no, I don’t care and what the hell am I doing in a bar anyway? 😉 Sorry a moment of sarcasm there. But if my cab driver tells me he’s feeling green from all the tequila, I’m a bit nervous by hearing that.

  4. This is a very tough question Bats. It shouldn’t matter as long as your off-duty activities don’t effect your ability to meet the performance requirements of your job. And whether or not your performance could be better without the substance abuse is a moral question that should fall outside an employer’s discretion. But we live in a world where people get away with making improper moral judgments against each other all the time… 😐

    • Sorry Mak, it took me so long to respond to you. A lot of moral judgements in our society and like you said it seems to be world wide. I try so hard not to judge ppl and I’m not saying I do that with any grace and I have to say it’s so much easier to judge someone than to not. I haven’t figured the secret to not doing it yet however my kids have, innocence I guess is the key there.
      One word in your comment has me thinking….well it’s two words really “your ability“….who judges my ability at my job? And should it be judged in such a manner, now I’m not saying this doctor was showing up drunk, in this case it was after hours .
      As you can see I’m still flip flopping on this question. As always I have no answers or solutions.

  5. I think I just found one of the best blogs online…

    I have an addiction too, don’t laugh at me. It’s marijuana. I know, you can’t be addicted to pot physically. But if there’s people out there who can be addicted to World of Warcraft or porn, I can be addicted to pot.

    I know it’s an addiction because it fucks with my personal life but I do it anyway. Pretty much from morning til night. Like I’m on rapper smoking status. 😛

    But by the way, and I’m only pointing this out because it is my only grammatical pet peeve. You used “whom” incorrectly in your first sentence. Allow me explain very briefly how to use who and whom correctly, because it’s super easy:

    Who = He or She or They
    Whom = Him or Her or Them

    If the answer to the question is “he”, you use who. If the answer to the question is “him” you use whom.

    So for your sentence: “swedish doctor whom is an alcoholic” you would ask “who is an alcoholic?” to which the answer would be “he is”. You would never say “him is an alcoholic”

    I hope you don’t hate me for turning into an English teacher all of a sudden. >_<

    • Welcome James and thank you for the time you have taken to read, comment, and help me out a bit. I learned something new, thank you. Please feel free to say openly what you want and I don’t hate any for pointing out something that has helped me or taught me something.
      Pot just isn’t talked about enough when it comes to addiction and many moons ago when I was in highschool I had a health teacher that actually told us that pot was not addictive. I begged to disagree then and I still do. That is not to say that I do not believe that marijuana should be legalized (GASP, right? Yes Bats believes in legalization of mary jane). I used pot a lot to heighten my buzz from alcohol and it was a favorite past time of mine for many years. I don’t smoke now because if I do, I will drink no doubt about it. Who says you can’t be addicted physically because I know a lot of people that if they don’t smoke, oh my gosh life is a living hell for them.
      *fixed whom 😉

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