Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

We talked the other night of our fears.  I learned our list isn’t any different.  We fear our children’s lives are at stake in here in America whether the economy plays a role or health care or even mental health.  We fear death, because we don’t know.  We fear future because we don’t know.  We fear the unknown but we fear it together, only my dear shows but yours doesn’t.  Thank you for listening to my ramblings for my whole life, you know I think a lot, I analyse for hours or even days on end.  Thank you for the strength you hold in you to help ME through YOUR ordeal, for lack of a better word of what you are dying from.  Thank you for explaining pulmonary hypertension; which it seems will be what they type onto your death certificate as a cause for death.  I can not imagine drowning without being in water.  How do you remain sober?  Well you let me know that you really are at the point that one beer puts you into a stupor because your body no longer filters, wow what a way to remain sober!

Thank you for your honesty and compassion.

I love you,

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