It just took me forever to get into my admin, I thought that whole ddos attack was over???  Anyone know? 

Anyway…Poll…over there <~~~~  Vote.  Thanks.  There will be a post that has to do with it tomorrow but I don’t have the patience to deal with errors right now.

Okay carry on…

3 thoughts on “Blah

  1. Dear batgirl,
    I have intercepted a secret code coming through the spotted cables of the net. It apears to be a secret communication of the evil bug people. It says they have zeroed in on your lair underneath the local convenience store.

    They call it: Operation 7-11 molasses. and it apears a sticky slow situation is coming your way.

    I pray that this misive reaches you in time. Red alert! your lair is under attack!

    signed, catwoman (eat message after reading no one must know of our alliance.)

    • I just spit coffee all over my computer, hold on gotta get a paper towel….
      Shit…I knew they’d find me.
      This message will self destruct in t-minus 3…2…1…

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