Keep It Simple Saturday

I’ve just had a run of the mill Saturday; met the new neighbors, young couple whose dog is their child (beautiful dog btw), laundry, trying so trying to get the kids to do as I say and not as I do, and reading a fabulous book a great friend loaned me (I think I briefly mentioned her before, made up name of Rose), it’s the 5th book in the Harry Dresden Series by Jim Butcher called Death Masks.  And now I need to figure dinner out so simple as simple gets.  And how about all of you?  How simple are you or have you made today?

6 thoughts on “Keep It Simple Saturday

  1. You know me, i’m as simple as they come 😉 . As for my day, this morning i saw “Never Let Me Go” with Miss D (who says “hi” btw) and now i’ve got 4-5 writing projects i’m working on. So yeah, simple but enjoyable which is better than some of the days i had a couple months back.

    • You and Miss D. (tell her hi btw 😉 make me smile. Although writing could be complicated. I’m just glad you made it through a couple months back. Thanks Al, for coming on over here.

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