Charlie and New Poll

Alright first off…new poll over there <~~~ vote!  Thanks.

Second off I firmly believe Charlie Sheen is as Bipolar as they come.  He’s a delusional train reck at this point and needs a 72 hour phsych hold before this gets worst, as if it could get worst.  Thankfully I’ve heard through CNN this morning that they have taken his  kids.  Sorry Charlie but it needed to be done and I have no clue why it has taken this long.

It pains me to listen to all of this, not because of it being Charlie Sheen, although he is a great actor and I think I would sweat profusely if I was in a room with him; but because it brings thoughts of my own delusions of grandeur that comes with my Bipolar Disorder and that mixed with alcohol and drugs is pretty much an abyss of hell like no other.  It pains me to think of how my mother was when I was a child, why I was never taken from her I have no clue other than the fact that nobody gave a shit what we were or weren’t doing.  I guess thankfully Charlie Sheen is in the public eye so his kids are now safe.

So what happens now?  Do we all just listen and watch the train wreck or do we lose interest at this point and not give a crap what he’s going through?  And he is going through a lot, I know he seems like an asshole and probably is but lets face it, money doesn’t make Bipolar Disorder, Addiction and Alcoholism any easier to deal with; he is still a human being.  I’m also curious that those whom do keep watching and listening to the wreckage, do they have bipolar?  I listen until a.) somebody gets him some fucking help and b.) he’s no longer the big news story.  Sadly I think b will happen way before a.

I’m hoping I hear soon that someone has reached out to Charlie Sheen and helps him through this dark, insane, worm hole.  Charlie we (well some of us) don’t think you are crazy, we think the effects of Bipolar Disorder, Addiction and Alcoholism are.

10 thoughts on “Charlie and New Poll

  1. This whole subject is a huge problem for me. Without knowing the intimate details of his life, how can we truly know what’s going on with him. Yes, maybe he’s bipolar, but what if he’s not? Is it really fair to judge someone we only know by reputation?

    Once again, I use myself as an example. For the average person to look at me, even with a detailed look at the actions of my life, I’m just a normal person. On the outside there seems to be nothing wrong with me, even to people who scrutinize my life. I’m a very bright person and a little socially awkward at times, a bit of a loner, but that’s okay. I have crazy colored hair and all of that, but being weird, that’s totally acceptable. There’s nothing wrong with me.

    Look below the surface and there’s abuse, addiction to that abuse, schizophrenic episodes, flashbacks, and a total inability to function as a part of the world through anything but my computer for days at a time. I’m not what I appear on the outside. Diagnosing me by appearances would be impossible.

    This is the problem I have with the social media on good, old Charlie. Bipolar is sadly a new trendy diagnosis and it seems like just about everyone’s got it, even people who turn out later not to have it at all. For all we know he’s got some other condition that creates just as much extremity in emotion, or perhaps symptoms are being covered up and he’s really dealing with some other issue entirely. It’s also entirely possible that the media is blowing everything out of proportion. This is why I don’t follow media and celebrities. Unless you know them as a person, it’s all gossip and heresay.

    • Welcome Visionary, I appreciate your time you’ve taken to comment here and ah what a very intelligent comment you’ve toss out here.
      I was thinking about how Bipolar seems to becoming the newest trend, kinda like braces back when I was 13. Another trendy disorder would be autism, it seems a lot of kids are being diagnosed as autism spectrum disorder.
      Truth of the matter is, I don’t know if Charlie Sheen is Bipolar because like you said I don’t know him personally (another example would be Britney Spears) and if he’s not Bipolar then huge sigh for him, all I know is what they show and say on the media. What they have been showing me gave me the conclusions in my head and I personally thought it before everyone started going “Holy Batman, he must be Bipolar!” and I thought it because of my own personal make up mental health wise. You sound like you know how painful mental health can be at times, for that I am so sorry; I wish we didn’t have to feel and experience these things. Again thank you for sharing a bit of your life here.

      • The way I look at it, if he is bipolar, he needs help. If he’s not bipolar, something else is going on, and he needs help. It’s entirely possible he’s just acting extreme as a reaction to some serious pain and suffering he’s in, which doesn’t necessarily mean bipolar. He could just be falling into addiction hardcore. There are a lot of people who just suffer depression who seem pretty manic with the number of drugs they get on and the amount of alcohol they take in. Even if that’s the case, like I said, he needs help. People don’t act like this when they’re healthy.

        His kids, yeah, as much as the thought of losing my own kids because I go off the deep end scares me, it’s better that his kids are safe. I know if I started having pretty regular episodes, I’d want my kids to be somewhere they wouldn’t be exposed. It’s just not healthy for the kids.

        As for me? Well, yeah, I’ve had my history with mental disorders. The one that’s causing the most challenges in my life right now is paranoid schizophrenia, but I’ve got some other cases of crazy to liven up the mix. I got out of a relationship with a bipolar man who turned dangerous for his family to be around, so I know how scary it can be. I guess I’d just rather the stories of real people get the attention instead of some celebrity, you know? Then maybe some more good could come of it. The celebs should be allowed to suffer in peace, just like the rest of the private world.

        heh, sorry to write another novel, but you’ve really got me thinking!

        • Hey no problem with the amount of words you place here, you’ve brought up great points and that’s what matters.
          “People don’t act like this when they are healthy.” Deserved to be repeated.
          You’re right he could just be depressed, and not knowing how to deal with it. He also could have a doctor over prescribing him, he also could be so damn coked up that reality isn’t in him right now, major binge.
          I know the last time I was living in a major blackout my husband wrote me a note that said pretty much he was scared for his kids lives and then a few months later, I was in a hospital and his parents were helping him raise the kids. Thankfully I got the help I needed and still have them, without them I have no clue what life would be.
          The She Chronicles is something that puts that info out there, that us normal everyday life average shmoes have to deal with this also. Mental illness, heck plain life; can be painful and most of the time we don’t have people telling us what we need and nobodies giving us a nudge saying look it’s time to get help, you can’t keep going like this.
          Am I putting more limelight on Charlie Sheen? Probably, actually most definately but a lot of people don’t want to speak about this subject unless a paparazzi is following someone around and well I don’t see anyone taking pics of my crazy shit.

  2. Excellent post Bats, and an excellent comment from Visionary as well. I’ve been so tempted to write something on this myself, but the fact that I agree with you both, even where your opinions diverge, has made me hesitant for fear of sounding foolish. The only things that I’m sure of are that I really hope for a good outcome for Charlie, and that most, if not all, of the people talking about him in the media are out for their own benefit and not his.

    • Unfortunately the media no matter what at this point in life is out for their own benefit, even my favorite anchor Anderson Cooper. There’s no one in the media that really give a shit that Charlie Sheen is going through hell, they just want the gossip so their paycheck comes in.
      I don’t care if I sound foolish on this subject, I just hope his children are safe and he actually gets some help since well IF he is Bipolar (which I whole heartedly think he is, too much of my manic episodes look and feel like this) then the down from this manic episode is going to crush him, it’s going to be a low like he has never felt or can believe is happening to him. 😦 I’m not getting anything out of sharing about this, no CNN paycheck here just a woman who knows how this feels.

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