This is Painful, Physically and Emotionally

I’m not really sure but I think I’m gonna go crazy.  This stinks, I mean considering I have no desire to quit smoking.  I do however have the desire to go to the nearest tobacco field and lay there and chew on the plants.  I’ve heard it so many times, you’ve quit drinking so this should be a snap for you.  Ya I’m gonna snap alright.  No matter how hard it has been for me to quit drinking, this is 100 fold of that.  I hate this, I hate addiction.  Why is it my brain couldn’t have been born normal, damn it?! 

Alright enough of my pity party for right now.  I gotta go pace and drink coffee, hey maybe I might throw a shower in there.  Who knows what the day will bring?  I know what it will not bring, money and cigarettes.

6 thoughts on “This is Painful, Physically and Emotionally

  1. A very religious guy I used to get high with once told me that the devil would always make sure he got what he needed to feed his addiction. This of course made me wonder just which God he was praying to, since he never refused the “gifts” when they arrived! 😯

    Anyway, I love that image. Hang in there Bats!

  2. It helped me to realize that truly, the craving passes whether I smoke or not! It really does! Good luck to you. It is a wicked, wicked thing, for sure.

  3. That’s the weird thing about smoking. In the short run it is much harder to quit than drinking. The withdrawal, the mood swings, the cravings. But once you get 6 months smoke free under your belt, it’s kind of over. it doesn’t become a day-to-day thing like quitting drinking. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about drinking or alcoholism and I’ve been dry for 16 months. But after 1 month of not smoking, I just let it go. And I haven’t thought about it for years.

    Hang in there, Bats. I’m pulling for you.

    • The longest I’ve gone without cigarettes since I started when I was 12 is 6 weeks. The withdrawal seems physical while the cravings seem emotional. It surely is a painful addiction.
      Thanks Boat for being in my corner.

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