Reading the Mind of My Mother? Ummmm No Thanks

~I couldn’t get Plinky to work so just decided until I can figure it out to not use it.  Who knows whats wrong with it and I’m sick of being frustrated.  So this was the post I created over there.~

Wouldn’t reading minds for a day be a fabulous super power? Well maybe, then again maybe not; you could find out what people are really thinking about you and that might be a bit uncomfortable. I mean lets face it, most people smile to your face and then when you turn your back you can just feel the bulshit hitting you in the back of the head.
However if I could, then I’d definately want to find out what my mother is really thinking. I’d love to look into her manic depressive mind to see how it works. Although it could damage my psychi permanently but to hear how actually it works would be a huge help with trying to communicate with her and well maybe then I could find out why I’ve never been good enough to be her ‘daughter’ instead of being her enemy. I sware if I walk into the same room as her, it’s like going from comfortable to a fucking hurricane in frigid weather. She never responds to me, nothing never even “I’m doing okay sweetie, how are you doing?” She never asks about my kids, my health, bipolar disorder, if I’m currently sober or am I still in the center of my career of alcoholism. I’ve tried to communicate with her on so many occassions that most of the time I walk out wondering what the hell just happened, what did I just do to make her so damaging to herself, and myself? All I said was something that referred to her cats and how much food they must go through in a day.
I’m not sure why she hates me other than the fact that she gave birth to me. Looking into her mind and reading it for a day would definately shed light on many aspects of how she thinks and what it’s like for someone with more than one personality in there. However I have a feeling it would be the biggest nightmare I have ever had. Yes, I’m sure I would spontanously combust.

2 thoughts on “Reading the Mind of My Mother? Ummmm No Thanks

  1. While i’d never be so presumptuous as to analyze your mother, sometimes i think parents can be cold either because they are jealous of how their children got breaks they missed out on or they regret how badly they feel they raised their kids. Anyway, i hope you can find some peace with her.

    • Feel free to analyze her, just not to her face she’ll freak out on you. My mom just plain and simply doesn’t like me, I was the youngest of three children, the only girl and well the apple of my Daddy’s eye…jealousy? Oh hell yes and it pisses me off.

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