A New Page to The She Chronicles

As you can see I’ve added to my menu, there is now a new page called Dear Daddy.  I speak with my father all of the time, unfortunately July of 2010 I had to move and am now about 6 hours from him, well depending on how many times I stop to pee.  My Dad has and will always be my number 1 hero, there is no one I respect and admire more than my Daddy.  He’s been there for me so many times and there is no one better to talk history and politics with, my Dad couldn’t possibly be any better of a Dad than he has been or is currently.  I love him with my whole heart.

My Dad is currently in end stage heart failure caused by taking Avandia for 7 years.  There is nothing else they can do and he will die, he’ll drown in is own blood because his heart will stop pumping it. 

I’ve added this page because of the love, understanding and laughs he shares with me today.  These are letters I write to him, letters that say what my heart is unable to say to him.  My soul will hurt when he is gone.  So I’m doing it to honor his last days and to help myself deal with the hurt that is happening already and will only get worst for both of us.

Will I send them to him?  I don’t know yet.

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