Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

I spoke with you a couple of days ago.  You were so tired, frustrated, and felt so alone.  You’re not alone, I am here with you.  I think of you always, I think of your heart and soul always.
I know that you feel desperate, frightened and alone. I know because I listen when you speak. I listen to your tone, the words, and imagine your movements. I know you have been given this blow for a reason, even if just to teach you how much I love you, teach you how important you are, teach you that you are bigger than this universe.

Heart disease has now turned into failure, but you are not a failure. I wish I had the money to help you, I wish I had $250,000 just to buy you a heart. Your heart pumps so slow but it is pumping Daddy. You will not suffocate alone, I will be with you. I promise.

Please have faith that I love you,

6 thoughts on “Dear Daddy

  1. Take my advice and milk this time for all it’s worth. I got only a few minutes to talk with my Dad, on his death bed when I was just 14, after not being able to see or talk to him at all for the previous 2 years.

    These tears are for you Bats.

      • The truth is that I wouldn’t have even known my Dad was dying if it hadn’t been for my older brother, who had a different father than I did. What’s really hard is the fact that, even though that was the last time I saw my Dad, it was also the last time I saw my brother. He was dead within days of taking us to the hospital, while my Dad lingered on for months all alone.

        I’m sorry Bats. I really didn’t mean to pile my problems on top of your. I just want to do what I can to urge you to make the most of this time.

        • You stop apologizing to me Mak, knowing you and your honesty is a huge help to me. Your openness is comforting and hell I don’t know how to deal with this anyway. I should apologize to you for bringing up such complicated feelings for you.
          I don’t have the slightest clue of how to deal with this or make this any sort of moment in time. I mean shit I had to move down here where I’m 6 hours away and don’t drive. I just don’t know.

  2. Hi bats, I really don’t know what to say. Except that I know what it means to love your dad as much as you do. Thats exactly how I feel about mine. And I don’t ever want to lose him, but obviosly I will someday. My dads new wife has done all she could to break me n’ my dad up so we hardly talk anymore. We used to be best friends.

    I am thinking of you and lifting you up in my heart.

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