My Work Here is Done, Carry On…

As you can see…I’m here.  I don’t know for how long though, Stinkpad really is struggling so I figure if I can type really fast and blow on the fan at the same time I might get to post on here.  So…

I learned two things yesterday.

1.  People in my neighborhood don’t think cloaks and seances are funny.  Now bare with me here (LOL!) a couple weeks ago the weather was nice and my husband was burning some debri in our firepit and the neighbors son was throwing some in (without permission but that’s a whole other topic) and well he didn’t do a fabulous job since he is five.  Our yard now has a huge burned circle in it, which btw the way another thing I have learned is apparently if you burn your lawn then the grass grows back great.  When I see it I’ll believe it.  So anyway joking with the neighbor I told them yesterday that not to worry, I need a circle so I can put on my cloak and do some seancing.  That so did not go in the direction I thought it would.  Me being sarcastic in nature and I guess my humor isn’t in tuned to whatever it’s suppose to be here, they took me serious and well…freaked out.  So I am now the werid lady that parents are telling their kids to stay away from, the werid hermit lady with cloaks and candles.  Wait till they see my chicken suit.  See that’s sarcasm at work there.  Seriously I do not own a chicken suit…yet.

2.  People here do not know what fondue is.  AND when encountered with what the heck is that?  It can be quite hard to explain what it is.  And here they thought us eating sushi was werid, nope it’s more strange to take a long fork and cook meat and seafood then dip it in sauce or cheese. 

So I now have made the perfect crazy lady model in the neighborhood.  Note to self…buy a cloak when I have some money.  Wait till this Halloween when I show them how much I enjoy that holiday…then and only then will they know how strange and exotic I can be.

9 thoughts on “My Work Here is Done, Carry On…

  1. Just powered up for the first time after last night’s crash. Hopefully that’ll give me a few minutes at least. I’ve had the side off my case for a couple of weeks, hoping to see what I don’t know. I did notice that my CPU fan has some dust caked on it, but it certainly didn’t come that way and my problem’s been there almost since day one!

    I think the majority of our species finds its primary motivation from fear, so they always look to the new people as a possible source for whatever evil has befallen them. I say give hell!

    Love the Batwoman image! 😀

    • Mak you have had problems since about day 1, now that I’ve been thinking about it.
      That is a cool image, I got lucky finding that one.
      It seems I don’t have to give hell, we had a meeting last night discussing the future of this so called planned community and unfortunately the initial developer went bankrupted last year and so have pretty much all of the builders. The new developer isn’t playing childhood games and just wants to get past it but this community is so screwed people and attitude wise that it’s so over the top. I’m being turned in for cars that aren’t mine because the guy and his wife didn’t get invited to a superbowl party that I also didn’t get invited to oh and well since I DO NOT drive uhhhhhhhhhh….there will be a post about sometime from me LOL! Heated meeting last night and hell I just want to know why the HOA is spending $9000 on pine straw…screw that, spend that money on cleaning out the pond that all of us want to fish at but can’t because it’s too polluted. I have a head ache.

  2. oh I love this! I offend strangers all the time because I make jokes but they think I am serious. You are too funny. I also like the bat beacon.

  3. LOL 😀 Your neighbors sound well, shall we say, odd. You, on the other hand, sound like someone I would like to have as a neighbor. I also have candles and cloaks. The power goes out here in winter during storm and the candles come in handy. The “cloak” is actually a “snuggie” that I wear when I make trips back and forth to the woodshed. I will ne watching to see what you put together for a Halloween costume. If you were close by I could loan you my electric broom for the night. 😉

    • Thanks TT, it means a lot to me that you said that. The candles come in handy no matter what. I can’t count how many times someone has had different probloms in their lives and I’ve burned a white candle in hopes some type of peace comes to them and it’s helped them feel somewhat better. A couple of years ago there was a lump in my breast, my hubby went to our favorite candle store and they hooked him up with what he needed, well needless to say…no more lump. It’s just something that is tangible that we believe in. And I just think cloaks are awesome and with 2 small children whom love Starwars, there’s nothing better than having a Mom that’ll put on a cloak and be Darth Vader. Hmmmmmm electric broom…I’ve got ideas LOL!

  4. I would’ve laughed so hard at that joke. 😛
    Oh but, don’t introduce people to fondue! Especially cheese fondue. Oh, horrible!
    &For what it’s worth, when I was a kid – we all loved the crazy lady our parents told us to stay away from. She gave us candy. (:

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