It’s Friday & Egypt is Free!

I don’t really have much today, other than the fact that the internet is going crazy and well I have a feeling Egypt has to do with a lot of it.  Sigh…I have to be honest and say that their revolution scares the shit out of me.  I’ve been watching quite closely here in America, a lot of people are everywhere across the globe.  Why does it scare me?  Hmmmm, well when I turned the news off last they were discussing how Iran is feeling about this…of course Iran’s government isn’t going to take this well, maybe they’re worried about a major revolt in their own country???  I don’t know…all I know is Iran scares me more than Korea does, Korea scares me more than China does, and China scares me more than my own government does.  No doubt about it, this is huge, this is history in the making, just like when we voted Obama in office and when Saddam Hussein was taken down.  What’s the next step for the people of Egypt?  I hope they have some sort of plans over there, something because I would hate to see the Middle East in more of a crisis than they already are. 

I wish and I am sure that many are going to want to beat me down for saying this BUT I wish our government would for once let it play out without our interference, we need to fix our country also, really need to fix it.  We can’t continue to take care of other countries when we can’t take care of our own.  I’m not even sure calling this country the United States is even appropriate any longer, the Divided States sounds more like it.

Anyway, It’s Friday & I smile for the people of Egypt.  I really hope you, the citizens of Egypt, know true freedom even if just for this celebration.  We all are watching and we love your excitement, we love your souls that are shining through, and we love your passion.  I chant with you; EGYPT IS FREE!  EGYPT IS FREE!

One thought on “It’s Friday & Egypt is Free!

  1. No Bat, I agree with you fully. The US has done more than enough already in the Middle East. They should look after themselves at this point. And TBH, Iraq has only gone downhill ever since Bush ‘freed them’ from Hussein. Yes he was a monster and people were not free to speak their minds wherever they were, but at least they didn’t have to live in fear of being blown up everyday. The US went over their, yelled something about weapons of mass destruction (where are they anyway?), took down the bad guy and the country has been in flames every since. I hope Egypt has learned from the mistakes of Iraq. Really hope so.

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