No It Isn’t Working, The CMS Blogsite That Is

Oh my Batman!  I am so going around in circles with the latest website I am TRYING to put together.  I think I may pass out, I sware it never has been this damn hard.  I’ve been trying to do one thing on it for the past two days straight and I am so exhausted and done.  Blah.  I’ll have more for The She Chronicles up tomorrow but other than that I’m burying this damn thing in the back yard for now. 

Carry on…

10 thoughts on “No It Isn’t Working, The CMS Blogsite That Is

    • Hey TT it’s my hubby’s and I venture into making our hobby into something to go further. We’ve always wanted to sell tshirts but needed to expand our customer base so well…
      It’s crazzytees.comLast night I just stripped everything off of it and decided to start over fresh, I must have enter something wrong in the wp ecommerce plug in and the paypal one. Who knows.

      • What are you seeing as my webhost because I just pulled it up and I’m hosted by host gator but I’m not seeing that down there. The is the theme I downloaded from the site. But I was thinking that it’s a good possiblity that we aren’t able to do what we want with that theme. Who knows, and the internet isn’t being too friendly to me today so I’m not sure what I’ll be accomplishing.

  1. crazy tees, so thats what you meant when U said If you can do it I can do it. Well over the weekend I bought 4 years godadddy hosting. Then I found all these pages of people complaining about go daddy. I panicked and got godaddy to refund me. Yup I chickened out. But I do cheer you on. It looks like you are acheiving what I hope to do someday. p.s. can I be catwoman? haha

    • Well hello Catwoman! 😉 I had godaddy for sometime before I started to work on it but godaddy was a little too much for me to figure out so moved over to hostgator. The one thing about hostgator is that I have enjoyed their customer support, they’ve been patient with me and godaddy’s support was nothing compared to hostgator. You can do it, think of it as a learning experience. 🙂

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