It’s Friday & I Won’t Partake

I just have nothing for life right this minute.  Both kids have some kind of bug that the school system is calling “a wide-spread resiratory illness”, they’ve been out of school for this whole week, next week is a short week and then they track out for 3 weeks.  So school wise they have learned nothing yet this year. 

Everyone I know down here is excited because friday means a weekend, not getting up early and that means a few Heineken are on the plans for tonight but not here, no matter how much I want to partake I can’t because there is no money to spend on anything.  Do I want a drink?  Absolutely!  I think I would sell my soul to the grim reaper at this point but wait!  I think I did that years ago, so I’d have to sell my legs and yes I would.  Will I be sober tomorrow morning?  You bet your ass on it I will be.

See ya on the flipside…

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