Really challenged this morning with thoughts of just giving up.  I know money isn’t suppose to make the Earth spin but I’m out of it at this point, car insurance is due, phone, internet, just every bill is due and I have about $300 in the bank which doesn’t pay even one of those.  So I have to tell you if I go missing, it’s because I don’t have anyway to get online.  The only thing that is positive is that I don’t have anyway to buy alcohol but it also means I have no way to support my nicotine habit at this point so I’m going to be bitchy, hell I already am bitchy, annoyed, tired, depressed but manic at the same time and yes that is possible.  I just am in a down whirl spin emotionally.  Fucking sucks…

8 thoughts on “Shit!

  1. Sure as hell sucks.
    But for what it’s worth, you’re not the first and certainly not the last to be put in this position by this money hungry world.

    Hope to hear better news from you soon…
    Hold on Bats!

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