Happy F~ing New Year!

Jeesh…I’ve been trying forever now to get onto my dinosaur ThinkPad, to do anything, write, read, check email, ect…  I think I have it so I can do some basic things today so finally I can post something here.

Working on a New Year’s survival post has proven tougher for me than I thought.  Lets face it, if you are newly sober or even have many months or years sober it’s still a rough time to try to enjoy the season.  The New Year always proves to be a beast to us.  I’m not a New Years Resolution kinda gal myself, it sets me up for failure and failure does what for me?  Yup, gives me a reason to say fuck it and get drunk.  Matter of fact I think I try to fail just to give myself that excuse to partake in my evil sinister plan of pounding down alcohol like it’s all going to be gone tomorrow.

Let’s see, what is it I do to stay sober for the New Year? 

Well I don’t do New Years parties, it gives me a perfect time to drink because I think no one can see me or cares what I do. 

I include my kids in whatever festivities I do partake in, even watching whatever falls out of the sky at midnight.  When they’re around it’s hard for me to drink especially since my daughter knows that if I drink, life as we know it will go back to Mom being drunk and blacked out for the next two years.

And pretty much what I’ve learned is that there is no reason to expect too much from myself.  I stop making demands of myself that are unreasonable for this time of the year. 

I eat a heck of a lot of cookies.  Seriously, a heck of a lot.  I don’t recommend a diabetic to come to my house because just walking in your blood sugar will rise.

And pretty much that’s it.  New Year’s is just like every other day of the year, there’s still only 24 hours in the day.  Look we all stay sober, minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day.  And that’s it.

Wait one more thing…

Statistics have gone up in the past few years…please don’t kill or maim yourself or others by being stupid and driving drunk!  PLEASE!

2 thoughts on “Happy F~ing New Year!

  1. Your post is spot on Bats! At the time of year when everyone else is making more plans than usual, my “disease” requires me to limit my planning to today more than ever. And even though I’m a diabetic, I too have a more than usual urge to eat sweets. Especially cookies and ice cream! I fight the urge, but admit to giving in more during the holidays.

    On a light note, does the fact that we’re both having PC troubles mean that like minds suffer alike too? 😀

    • It absolutely means that! 😉 I tell you I breathe near a computer lately and it crashes.

      I wonder how many people are waking up feeling like life smacked them in the back of the head? How many blacked out? How many have absolutely no clue where they slept “this morning”? How many went to the hospital because of alcohol poisoning, drug overdose or even worst (like it can get worst) drunk driving and hurting someone else?

      I definatley limited my outside exposure when it comes to this supposed holiday. Is it from fear? No I don’t think so, it’s from knowing that my sickness, “disease” will kill me if given half a chance. My “disease” will turn me into a raving lunatic in five minutes of tasting alcohol or experiencing what drugs can put my mind through.
      I still get jealous though of the fact I never get invited to the parties because I must not be any fun since I don’t fall over drunk or dance on a table naked. I’m not sure why I get jealous of that since it doesn’t seem like my scene anyway.

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