There’s Nothing Simple About Bipolarized Alcoholism

Good Morning.  Obviously I haven’t been around in almost a year.  For that I must apologize, it was mainly for selfish reasons such as ‘life was kicking me in my butt’.   Bipolar wise, I’m okay.  Alcoholic wise, again I’m okay.  I have 17 months sober and even though life pretty much seems unbearable at times, I’m sober and not manic.  So what else could I ask for in life?

So what’s been shaking?  I no longer  live in the same state as before I became MIA, we had to decide on a geographical fix since the economy gave us the biggest wedgie of our lives.  So we lost our house, 401K  is gone, no jobs, ect. ect. ect.  So pretty much we are in the same boat as a hell of a lot of families in this grand country of freedom and dreams.  Before I get political on the recession I’ll have to stop myself there although I know everyone loves the dynamics of politics, I’m just not in the mood for it.

We are what? 11 days until Christmas and I just want a fucking drink, I just want to sleep into blackout land but I’m not able to; there are just way too many reasons why that would be the worst decision of my life.  That’s the way I stay sober around this time of the year, I think the drink ALL THE WAY THROUGH.  There is no such thing as one or two hot totties in my line of work called alcoholism.  I don’t know why it is I’ve be blessed with this bulshit in my brain, my soul and life, and quite honestly I’m pissed and think it’s shitty that I have to deal with it but I don’t have any other choice so I just keep carrying on in my bipolarized, alcoholic world.

The She Chronicles has a sticky on the front page about information regarding getting through the holidays at this time of the year and I need to work on a new post about New Year’s Eve, so be looking for that really soon.  I look forward to getting back on the saddle with Chronicles and can always promise you that although normal it’s never a relaxing ride.

7 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Simple About Bipolarized Alcoholism

  1. Welcome back Bets! I missed you. I’m glad you’re not drinking. It’s just not going to help anything. That what I always tell myself.

  2. Hi Bats…I am knew to this site. My wife is in the same boat as you. Bipolar-alcoholism. She takes lithium and lamictal for the BP. Things are good usually, but lately she is drinking again and hiding it. Not fun times to say the least. As I am sure you know, when a BP’r starts to drink, they tend to stop meds as well. Vicious cycle.No family to confide in…kinda sux. Just know there are others like you out here.

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