It’s Saturday & A Honest Award

I received the Honest Scrap Award the other day from Pinochina.  Thank you so much! This is one of those awards that requires you do actually do something, so thanks for giving me homework!

The rules say I have to tell 10 honest things about myself, so here goes.

1. I hate having pictures taken of me. I haven’t appeared in any picture in over 8 years.
2. I practice the Wiccan religion and even though popular belief would be that I sold my soul to the devil because of this, that’s the farthest thing from the truth.
3. I eat frosting out of the container. I also enjoy cookie dough in the same way but frosting is by far my favorite.
4. I enjoy watching Spongebob with my kids.
5. I am a chronically disorganized person.
6. I want to move to Jamaica so I can own a shack on the beach and have a tshirt stand.
7. I don’t drive for fear of killing myself, my kids, or someone else.
8. Lounge pants are my daily wear, unless I have to go out.
9. I want to meet Vin Diesel before he is 45.
10. I really wish I wasn’t Bipolar or an Alcoholic.

And now I need to recommend 10 blogs so…

1. I Want Ice Water
2. Highly Irritable
3. JC Larkin’s Weblog
4. Dry Blog
5. raincoaster
6. Va Grant Jack
7. Protect Your Joy
8. T Double I
9. Salted Lithium
10. AA No Help

Happy Blogging Everyone! And thanks for the readership everyone!

6 thoughts on “It’s Saturday & A Honest Award

  1. I like number 6 the best, except that it’s on the same fault line as Haiti. It’s such a lighthearted ambition, to own a shack on the beach and sell T-shirts. You’re not corporate America. 😉

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