Grrrrr…Where Are They?

Just a quick post this morning…

I am frustrated.  Frustrated about the fact that I can not seem to find any blogs by women quitting or already quit, alcoholics.  All I keep finding are men….which is fine, I relate just the same to them and can carry on a conversation just as well with them but jeesh I am sick of running into the artsy crafty mom blogs.  I’m going to have to do a Google and Bing search to see what I can find on  other blog ‘stations’.

This suggests a question of are women alcoholics more hidden than men?  More embarrassed?  Less social? More ashamed?

22 thoughts on “Grrrrr…Where Are They?

  1. I don’t know if women are more ashamed of it or not. But I have to tell you I admire your courage and tenacity through this. I had to quit smoking once and I am very sure that what you are going through is 100 times harder, but you are doing it, and you are doing it well.
    I wish my Aunt could be like you. She is such a sweet lady, her and I are a lot alike in our interests and points of view, I look up to her a lot, but she just can’t seem to stay off the alcohol. I’m thinking maybe I will email her about your blog.

  2. Perhaps we guys are more prone to writing our brains out rather than learning how to speak up in public (at meetings and so forth). Evolution remains a possibility with continued and prolonged sobriety but we are clearly handicapped.

    Anyway, I do blog/communicate from a decidely masculine perspective but greatly value the input and advice of those more comfortably situated.

  3. Thank you ALL! I’m going to spend time reading these. A lot of time, I’m just not feeling up to par right now. I’m really hoping another hospital visit isn’t coming up for me right now. I guess I shall see.
    Irony is since I posted this I have had a lot of hits and a lot of them are by women alcoholics!

  4. well technically speaking, I was an alcoholic for a very short period of time… about 4-5 months, but usually people refer to that as binge-drinking, so I never classified myself as such to others. It never really came up. But I know what I was, I can’t even tell you how I’m still alive from all the bullshit I did, but I quit on my own. I moved 6,000 miles away from everyone I knew just to get over it. (I didn’t have the money or time or any motivation to do AA)

    So I guess you could call me a recovered alcoholic. I think. I dunno.

  5. Not so much insight on the alcoholic front since I drive my ass into the ground attempting to triump in a male-dominated sport, but certainly interested in the question you suggested (Are women alcoholics more hidden/ashamed/embarassed than men?) The correct word is AFRAID. So many women are afraid to not be the artsy mommy types. For this reason, I enjoy your site. You are brave. Keep it up. (

    • Thank you, thank you for all of the links! I should let you know that you were going into my spam folder. I clicked you Not Spam so hopefully it won’t happen again. 🙂

  6. I’m sorry about the duplicate comment for the sobergotop100. I had no indication that the first one went to moderation so I posted it again. My comment was in the spam filter – Yikes! Thanks for pulling it out.

    • First, thanks for the award!
      I’m really not going through anymore than any other person out there, and the one thing I have learned is that no matter how bad it gets there is always someone whom is going through more. As long as I’m not drinking, I’m doing okay. 🙂

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