Popping Pills From a Pez Dispenser

Went to my quack doctor yesterday.  He decided that since it’s after the New Year that hey lets up my medication.  Ummm I’m not liking this one bit.  Feeling pretty loopy, nauseous, tired, dizzy and just plain blah.  I’ve decided I don’t want to be Bipolar any more, I’ll just stick with being an alcoholic and a bitch for a week once a month but this Bipolar thing isn’t going to work out for me. 

I am now suppose to take 500 mgs of Tegretol a day which is just a tad more than I was taking but that rise and him upping my Cogentin 5 mgs a day just makes me feel like I’m walking on marsh mellows all of the time but he claims that I just can not keep going with no sleep, he claims that without this rise in my meds that I’ll be either a drunk bum or in a psychosis by summer.  He handed me my prescriptions and I just nodded and agree thinking that I’ll do what I want with them anyway.  I have a hard enough time remembering to take my meds 3 times a day and now it wants me to remember it 4 times a day! 

Anyway my point is I’m not going to be Bipolar anymore…don’t you wish it was that easy, to just decided to not have a mental disorder, emotional disorder or just quit being screwed up in the head…you know just snap your fingers and it all goes away.  I think they need to do some research on that and help solve all our problems that way.

Snap…I’m normal.  HA!  I wish.

10 thoughts on “Popping Pills From a Pez Dispenser

  1. You’re going to be a mess with all those pills anyway. I can’t believe your body can handle all that. If I was you I don’t think I’d take all of those. What’s the use of covering up all those symptoms if all you’re doing is becoming a blob. Not for me, no thank you. Hope all goes well with that. Maybe some deep breathing will help 🙂 lol.

  2. Willow said ” I can’t believe your body can handle all that.”

    Remember I’m an alcoholic so my body handling all of these pills is a no brainer for my system. When I ended up in the hospital a few years ago, I was drinking an 18 pack of beer plus vodka everyday so my system is used to having to work double time to keep up with me. I don’t know if he’s masking it or trying to help the imbalance in my brain right now. Our brains work differently at different times in our lives. My brain is either letting out too much of one chemical or not enough of another. Sucks be Bipolar. I know I have to go through the side effects of upping my meds and I’m not a good side effect dealing with person (for lack of a better way of explaining). he’s just trying to keep me from turning back to alcohol to deal with the symptoms or ending up in the hospital in a full blown psychosis.
    I know he’s just trying to help but I can’t help but be resistant when it comes to having to ‘be just like my mother’. Whole other post, that I never have the energy for.

  3. Oh how I can relate. They’ve tried so many combinations over the years that I’ve lost count. It wasn’t until I decided that it wasn’t worth it to be a walking zombie just to be able to go out around other people, that I stopped the scripts for the heavier stuff – not that that would be workable for you. 😐

    The funny thing is that, after years of telling them that I needed stimulants just to get up and moving, they finally got around to trying a combination that included some. The thing is, though, that I’ve gotten so used to high doses of caffeine and nicotine that the new drugs are actually too much! Of course that means I’ve now got two more monkeys on my back they say I need to shrug off! 🙄

    • Isn’t it funny how when we tell doctors something that we think would work with our bodies that it’s the last option or close to last option that they try?

  4. I agree that it’s ridiculous to have to remember 4 doses a day of anything. There should be a solution for that. I know there are med containers that will alarm for you, but then you have to program them to do that (and you have to load them). Frankly, I’d be too lazy. What’s a better solution? A subdermal pump?

    • Hmm I might look at that alarm container you are talking about, of course though me loading them ummmmmmmmmmm. They have a solution for all of this, the newer drugs. The newer drugs out on the market, you take one pill at bed time and it last all the next day. One pill a day. Of course though that solution comes with major problems for people like me, no health insurance. When I first was diagnosed they placed me on 300 mgs of Seroquel, 100mgs of Lamictal and then raised it from there to 600mgs of Seroquel and didn’t raise the Lamictal. Well do you know how much 600mgs of Seroquel costs per month? $900, yup, that is not a miss print. They are always coming out with the next best medication but we are left trying to figure out how to afford it. Right now my doctor and I have the costs of my meds down as low as we can get it.

  5. The doctors are always wary of “drug seeking behavior” from us dual-diagnosis types, so what the patient thinks will help is always considered suspect. As far as taking meds to “mask” symptoms, we do that every time we take a pill for a headache. And who would rather have a killer headache than take an aspirin? For me, the pills I take make it possible for me to function, period! But every patient must judge for him/her self what is too much.

    Interestingly enough, one of the meds that I refused to take any more was Seroquel. After I reached 600mg per day, I got to the point where they actually started to contribute to my anxiety rather than relieve it.

    Also, there is some evidence that Seroquel contributed to my diabetic and pancreatic problems. There was a big class-action lawsuit about it. I didn’t participate because that would have required me to spend way too much time in public!

    • I heard about that lawsuit Mak. I believe it’s still going on. My father is researching a class action suit because of Avandia and that has been going on for years!

      My medication is vital to my life, without any of it I would be in a hospital thinking my orange they gave me for breakfast was out to get me. Very vital to my life. I wish it wasn’t but well…:/

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