Whispered Thoughts

“I put a non-alcoholic drink in yours”  my Dad in-law whispered into my ear right before the Thanksgiving feast.  I wonder why this had to be whispered like a secret considering everyone there knows that I’m a drunk, it’s definitely not a rumor since the last Christmas we spent at their house they had a dinner party and I got sloshing drunk, passed out about 7pm, I had drunk at least a 12 pack in an hour.  Yes, absolutely sloppy drunk.  And since everyone in the family knows that my in-laws had to help my hubby out with the kids and the house while I had to sit in the detox unit and dry out a couple years ago.  But for some reason, whispering this seemed like the appropriate thing for him to do, so I smiled at him and said my thanks for looking out for me.  So now I wonder about being the whispered secret in the room.

Many times I walked past the bar and it seemed the Grey Goose vodka looked at me in a calling me out manner but I kept walking by ignoring the call.  Then I opened the fridge to find something and realized that they had a bottle of whiskey tucked down on the bottom self.  It called me the same way the vodka did but I closed the door and thought I should probably tell them that the whiskey belongs on the bar and the vodka in the fridge because no one likes cold whiskey but many enjoy cold vodka.  The fridge in the garage holds all the beer and trust me when I say there was so much of it in there that no one would notice a 12 pack missing.  With those thoughts I came to the conclusion for the 100th time in my life that I am an alcoholic, obsessive compulsive alcoholic, which in short terms means, a drunk.

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