Some Advice For Surviving The Holidays With Alcoholism or Any Addiction

Good Morning All! It’s raining and chilly here, hence it’s just about winter. Blah. I’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning, hoping to not sit in too much traffic. So I wanted to say Happy Turkey Day to everyone whom celebrates Thanksgiving. I also know that any holiday isn’t easy for alcoholics whether sober or still active in their drinking. Just a reminder that though AA meetings can be boring, or hard to step foot in for various reasons, there honestly isn’t an easier way to stay sober for an hour or hour and half and many meetings are held at this time of the year. Also if you have WFS in your area, I recommend any woman to go for a confidence building hour. has loads of helpful information on how to survive holidays, click here for just a handful of links they provide.  Most importantly, if you don’t pick up a drink at all it makes it easier.  “One is too many and a thousand is never enough”, is one motto to keep in your head.  Also I can suggest from personal experience to jot down “I have a LIFE-THREATENING disease called alcoholism” (insert any addiction in there) and pull it our of your pocket for a great reminder that you really can’t drink, that drinking will kill you whether it’s today, tomorrow or next year; drinking will kill you.

Again I know that this time of the year is not easy but it is doable, we can get through this.  If you feel like you have to drink, please reconsider and look in your phonebook for a local chapter to AA.

2 thoughts on “Some Advice For Surviving The Holidays With Alcoholism or Any Addiction

  1. Hi Bats!
    I have been silently reading a group of blogs for quite some time now and today I want to tell you THANK YOU. Thank you for sharing your life with me and everyone else. You give me hope that perhaps one day my alcoholic husband could sober up. I think this world would be a much better place if every single person had to pass a “kindness, compassion, manners, and be respectful” class at graduation. Most of the people in my world are mean, cold and so quick to pass judgement. They blame everyone else for their problems. I know that what you have gone through to get where you are today has been hard as hell. You be DAMN PROUD of what you have survived. What you go through day to day is hard as hell. Do not let the in-laws or anybody else drag you down to their miserable level. Hold your head up high (no pun!) You are a wonderful caring wife and mommy. BE PROUD OF YOURSELF. You are a survivor and you give hope to a huge group of people. Thank you Bats, I truly appreciate you.

    • And that my dear friend is why I started this blog and why it has taken the course it has, if I can give just one person hope that this disease is winable, that it doesn’t have to kill you then I have accomplished my goal. I am pretty speechless at your comment so please bear with me. You bring a point to my blog that sometimes I forget or I get so drawn up into myself that I just don’t always see it. No matter how hard my alcoholism is for me, it’s just as hard for those that walk in the other shoes; my husband, you, the children, the significant others that aren’t poisoned by the disease of actually drinking but have to feel the pain on the other side, that have to swallow their dignity to be near us, close to us, love us. This disease when active has many faces, many sides, and so few smiles, when left untreated it can progress like cancer and kill just the same. Your husband can do this but unfortunately he won’t until he feels as much pain as you do, that’s the damn nature of this horrid disease. Thank YOU for sharing yourself and inner thoughts with me and for helping me stay sober for one more night.

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