Keep It Simple Saturday

Recovery terms are really pissing me off lately but then when searching for a Keep It Simple graphic this morning, I came upon this graphic which made me laugh my ass off.  They sure were simple, weren’t they?  I’m going to wonder for a really long time why Bing would put K.I.S.S. with all those other recovery graphics.  Anyway back to the topic.  How do you keep things simple when they all bombard you at once?  I mean seriously, they say solve each problem as they come at you, solve one thing at a time, live life on life’s terms.  How do you solve one thing at a time when 100 things are thrown your way?  And quite honestly if this is life’s terms; I say screw them, I’m ready to make up my own terms.  Or there’s  “Problems bother me only to the degree that I let them”, um well I can’t ignore the problems and how is it you are supposed to not let them overwhelm you when they all are slapping you in the face and not one at a time but five at a time? 

I’ve come to the conclusion that none of this will ever go away or at least no time soon, and it’s all going to drive me insane.

6 thoughts on “Keep It Simple Saturday

  1. I know they say that ignoring reality won’t make it go away, but, at least for a little while, it can sure allow you time to breath.

    Like the puppy said after observing his doggy daddy all day: “It looks like if you can’t eat it, or %$#@ it, then piss on it!”

    Hang in there Bats! 🙂

    • I spit coffee all over my screen from that! I like that one, I need a tshirt that says that!
      I turned my ringer off yesterday, I just couldn’t take it anymore. You know if I tell you at 10am that I have no money, I’m not going to have it 2pm or 8pm either.

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