Vital Recovery Services Pt. 2

My name has been changed to protect my identity

“You have to take care of this debt right now, Ms. Bats.  This is not a matter you can ignore. So let’s get you some help, I’ll fill out the hardship agreement and see if you qualify. How much is your mortgage payment?” and the questions went on from there about how much my bills are each month and how much take home pay there is coming in.
“Ms. Cleveland, my husband works off commission. I have no clue what he is going to make or when he is going to make it.”
“Ms. Bats, my computer is still red flagging you, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO GIVE US A SECOND PHONE NUMBER, it can be a relative or a friend.”
“There is no second phone number I am allowed to give out.”
“Again it can be a friend or relative.”
“I have no second phone number that I can give out.”
“You don’t have any relatives or friends???”
“Ms. Cleveland that’s none of your concern, the phone number you reached me on is the only phone number we have so you’ll have to bypass that little red flag on your computer screen.”

The argument went on for many minutes about how I don’t have any friends or relatives, I finally was so frustrated that I screamed at her…”Look Ms. Cleveland, my Dad is my only relative and he is in the final stages of his life because of heart disease, and no I don’t have any friends!!!” To which her reply was, “I’m sorry to hear about your father but that’s personal and this is professional and I don’t believe you haven’t any friends, EVERYONE HAS FRIENDS.” So now I am stuck on the phone with someone whom has no feelings other than her paycheck and commissions. She finally put me on hold to supposedly get her manager to bypass that little red flag for me. At this point I was fuming because I am now a liar to her, so she says. I’m now feeling sick to my stomach and feeling very less than because of this whole schebackal.

She was able to get her manager to bypass that little red flag on the computer screen but guess what, it pops back into our conversation about 30 minutes later when I am crying, screaming and losing it.

Part 3 Coming Soon…

2 thoughts on “Vital Recovery Services Pt. 2

    • I can’t just hang up on them because we do owe the money, when you buy a car it’s a legal binding contract so it’s not something I can just ignore. Unfortunately VW works with snotty companies (JM&A and Vital Recovery Services) which means as nice as all the VW’s are, we will never purchase from them again. But that’s here nor there. If I were to hang up on them then I would have a bigger problem because I wouldn’t be paying (or trying to) the debt voluntarily AND I really don’t want to get into legal issues with this company…they have all the money and power at this point. 😦

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