JM&A, VW, & Vital Recovery Services Part 1

It seems that bill collectors have decided that they need their money right now, right this minute or the Earth might explode or something.  No sooner did I finish and publish my post this morning about how I am bored then the phone rang, I figured it was a bill collector but had no clue which one or how vial they would treat me. 

Before I continue that me give you a little history behind this debt.  At the beginning of the year my hubby totalled our VW Jetta.  When we purchased the car a couple years ago we made sure we purchased GAP coverage just in case we would need it and actually purchased the Premium coverage to make sure we would be covered completely.  Well this coverage was through a company called JM&A, Jim Moran and Associates, they offered it at the dealership and we decided it was a great idea for us since my hubby drives all the time. 

Well it has been the biggest pain in the ass to deal with.  The GAP company has not and will not pay the car off, we ended up having about $3000 left on the car loan and they paid about $1000 of it and left us with the balance.  I had been dealing with VW about the remaining balance and they were being very gracious to us understanding the situation.  Well they decided not to be gracious anymore so gave our account to a company called Vital Recovery Services.  I just received the first letter from them yesterday and hadn’t had a chance to respond in any way, shape, or form.  So I guess I was being slow about it, you know 24 hours is a long time to wait.  They called me this morning and I had the pleasure of speaking with Ms. Cleveland from Vital Recovery Services.  She beat me down like I was a stray dog she wanted to kill.  I have never been more insulted in my life.  I normally deal with all of the bill collectors in a pleasant manner but by the middle of the conversation with her, I had nearly lost my sanity!  She placed words in my mouth, she lied to me about what I had been saying and let me know “you need to take of this debt now or I will be forced to take further action.”  Such as what Ms. Cleveland, court?  our credit?  You don’t frighten me with that considering where we are now.  She scammed me into her filling out a “hardship aggreement” which I did not agree to!!!  She told me that she would let me know what my two choices of dealing with this would be a “hardship aggreement” or a lump settlement, I let her know that I wanted to know both numbers before I make a choice.  Upon her letting me know what the “hardship aggreement” terms would be, she let me know that I was now locked into that and HAD TO PAY IT TODAY.  Ummmmmmmmm no, that’s not what I agreed to. 

Apparently by the way, “everyone has money it’s just getting them to pay it.”  No Ms. Cleveland not everyone has the money, you just steal it from them in a greedy, bitchy way.

I have so much more on this and I had awhile ago said that I wouldn’t call any company out by name on here but well now I’m going to.  I’ll have get to part 2 tonight or tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “JM&A, VW, & Vital Recovery Services Part 1

  1. Find out where their offices are located and point me in that general direction. I have something I’d like to share with Ms. Cleveland. Actually, I have a whole lot of things, roughly 9mm in diameter, I’d like to share with Ms. Cleveland.

    And you gotta cut her some slack; she is, after all, named after one of America’s armpits.

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