It’s Friday & I’m Bored

I’m bored as heck as a matter of fact.  It’s been raining non stop for most of the week.  I feel like a caged tiger.  This is one of the reasons I get so down in the winter, I need to be outside or my mind feels as though it’s locked up.  You would think that since I have spent all this time inside that the house would be a bit more tidy but nope.

I went to my head shrinker on Tuesday and he decided to up my Tegretol so now he says I need to take it 4 times a day instead of 3, which made absolutely no sense since I was discussing with him the fact that I can no longer afford anything except our weekly grocery shopping.  So for him to solve my maniacal depression with uping my meds and having me go get a blood test, (which both I’ll have to pay cash for) makes very little sense in my mind but I’ll follow his directions well half way follow them, I’m not going to spend a couple hundred dollars on a blood test.

So what am I going to do today about this boredom?  I have absolutely no idea, none at all.  Maybe I need to make myself do something, anything.  I so want a drink and a smoke right now!

13 thoughts on “It’s Friday & I’m Bored

  1. Get your hands on some line, hit the library up for a book on tying knots and doing fancy work. Perfect solution for a rainy day and keeping your mind occupied at the same time. Trust me.

  2. You could try knitting; it’s nice because it keeps your hands busy but leaves your mind free to wander. Plus it’ll save you money in a way because you can knit scarves and hats for your kids. Hats are really easy, I’ll give you a copy of a pattern I have if you want it.

    • My mind wandering is what gets me in trouble. 😉 But I like how you think. I’ll have to go to the craft store and see what they have on knitting, can you post the pattern here?

  3. Possibly, I’d have to try and scan it tomorrow maybe. It’s a semi complicated pattern that I’ve got. It’s meant to make a strawberry pattern :D. The easier way to make it would be to ignore the step which switches over the colors.

  4. Okay this may take a little longer then I thought. My moms been home sick for the past three days and I’d rather not wake her up or take up her computer time (her computer is the only one whose printer scans things.) Also I’d need to save the scan as a document somewhere and I’d have no idea on how to get that to you.

    If you want a help with crocheting then you should check this lady out. Sorry about taking so long getting the pattern to you. We’re moving (well trying to, the bank keeps jerking us around and won’t just give us the damn house) so I packed it up somewhere. All of the boxes have been double tapped and are all stacked up so I’m not searching it out, sorry. Oh and I realize that knitting and crocheting are very different but wanted to mention this blog just incase you wanted to investigate crocheting.

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