Hug A Vet Today

Today is obviously our day to honor those whom protect us and our Old Glory’s freedom.  Today we bow our heads for those brave soldiers whom have given the ultimate price so we remain a free country, so we can have “The American Dream” in our lives everyday, so we don’t have to feel fear when we go to sleep at night or awake in the morning.

I have a Veteran that has been in my life from the time I was born.  He taught me respect for our Flag, Arlington National Cemetery, our Armed Forces, and most of all Freedom.  He served two tours of duty in Vietnam and has never once asked for anything in return for it,  “Sweetie, I did it because it needed to be done,”  was his reply when I asked why he would go to war and possibly sacrifice his own life.  He brought back many memories from Vietnam and I am proud that he has shared some of those memories with me, I am proud that he ‘did what needed to be done’ for me, my children; for you, and your children.  I love and respect America because he taught that respect to me and always told me to hold that love close to my heart because there is no other place in the world as beautiful, gracious, noble as this country.

I love you, Dad!  You have and always will be my Hero.

28 thoughts on “Hug A Vet Today

  1. Thank you so much all of you! I Do love my Dad and I look forward to this day every year to tell him he’s made my life so very special and I love to honor him AND everyone in the armed forces on this day.

  2. This is great! My dad served 25 years in the Air Force and I can totally relate to everything your dad taught you.
    Thank you veterans.

  3. In Europe they still called it Remembrance Day, where the people remembered the war dead and not the military. I was in London on this day in 2000. “Flanders Field.” It must have seemed really heroic to fight in The War To End All Wars.

    We live in a world that has perverted the concept of remembering people. Armistice Day was not a promotion for the armed services or to be used by the National Guard to recruit the mostly local youth. Armistice Day was a world event. It was a lot larger than any single nation. Armistice Day was a good day to read Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. It was not to celebrate those conscripted to serve in the military, but to remember what had happened 90 years ago. The day was about turning swords into plowshares. The media has helped cheapen story, filling the airwaves now on each November 11th as some kind of celebration of war. Little thought was given to renaming Armistice Day “Veterans’ Day.”

  4. Thank you all so much for taking the time to come to my blog and spend some time here. Also thank you all for the comments about my Dad, he is a great man and I am so proud of who he is and what he has accomplished in life.

  5. you have written a very nice blog! it is great that we still remember those people who gave everything for us to live today! I do not have Veterans in my family but I understand what ithe honor it is – to be a realtive with these great people!

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