Keep It Simple Saturday

Good Frosty Morning!   A want, no need a simple day right now and thank you so much for Simple Saturday’s in my world.  Today I want to mention I am just about 5 months into another sober stunt, and I wouldn’t have been able to stay sober this long without the love and confidence my daughter gives me.  Yesterday after a fabulous dinner that my husband was able to stay home to have with us, she turned to us and said,  “Did you smoke today?”  We each replied with no and took our pats on our backs from her.  While I was doing the dishes and everyone was off digesting their food, which means waiting for Mom to come up with desert, I thought about the question she asked me and once again she surprised me with her knowledge, understanding, and compassion about situations with addiction.  Look at the question again, she didn’t ask “have you smoked, or are going to smoke, have you quit for good?”  She asked, Did you smoke TODAY?  It floored me when I realized just how much she has been listening to me about addictions, she knows that we only live for One Day At A Time, atleast in that respect. 

I wish I could be as intelligent as my 8 year old daughter is.  I wish more people could be as intelligent and compassionate as my 8 year old daughter.  Man, I love that girl.

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2 thoughts on “Keep It Simple Saturday

  1. Quitting smoking, the bastard son of the devil, is a day-by-day feat. When my wife was quitting at the beginning of the summer, we would discuss how she never wants to ever go back to day one again, because it was so hard. Keep up the good work, the benefits are tenfold.

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