It’s Friday & I’m Answering Willowbatel

Well since Willowbatel ( 😉 ) has so many questions that “my avid readers” want answers to then I am going to make it my Friday post this week.

 Is your husband still working?

Yes, yes he is.  We are coming into winter here which means sales slow down tremendously.  Normally we live off our savings throughout the winter but this year, there are no savings so we are just buying time before the bank decides when they want to foreclose.  It seems bill collectors don’t believe you when you say you have no money…”oh well borrow it!”  more than one has suggested this, yesterday I responded to this with…”hey Tonya, can I borrow some money?”  She didn’t find it as humorous as I did.  Apparently this is no joking matter and I responded, “how would you like me to deal with the matter then, Tonya?  You guys call me 5 times every night between 6pm and 8pm, so after explaining to your all night after night that I HAVE NO MONEY, I’ve decided that the calls are in fact humorous.”  and ended the call with “speak with you tomorrow Tonya.”  Alright first off, I KNOW it’s not a laughing matter but this far into it I have to do something other than cry and have hissy fits.  I DO NOT want my kids to know how bad it is especially with Santa Claus coming is right around the corner.

 Did you finally quit smoking?

Well at the moment I am chewing on a nice stick of nicotine flavored gum.  It turns out when you don’t have any money to buy them, then well you don’t have any money to buy them, hence you don’t smoke. 

Did your phone solicitor job go anywhere after that first paycheck?

Ahhhhhhhhhh the scam of a lifetime.  Ya it went somewhere…a complaint to Consumer Affairs, The Better Business Bureau, and The Wage and Labor Board.  I ended up being paid a grand total of $74 for 80 hours of work.  That sucked and when I had gotten the job I was so excited that I would finally have some money coming in but apparently my time is worth not even a whole dollar an hour.  Blah.  So now I’m still looking, and pretty much that’s what everyone in my community is doing.  We are all bankrupt including the Town.

Your avid readers want to know. (wow you’re really going to hate me for writing that)

Nah, I don’t hate you.  It’s great for the head to know you have avid readers. 😉

So let’s see what’s new?  Hmmmmmmmmmm  We have a leaking water line that’s going to cost us about $2000 to fix, so I decided that this was something we should use our emergency credit card for.  Well it turns out that Credit Card company decided we were too much of a liability and snagged our credit from us, we have had this credit card for 9 years!  So the water line will continue to leak, we’ll continue getting huge water bills and not be able to pay them, so they’ll turn our water off.  Pretty much that’s all that is new, financial crap that haunts our every hour.  I so can not wait for 2010, because it definitely has to be better than 2009!

9 thoughts on “It’s Friday & I’m Answering Willowbatel

  1. 1. Well, I’m glad you’ve finally (almost) quit.
    2. Wasn’t your water pipe broken… like a month ago?
    3. You should try doing some online opinions stuff. I hear you actually get paid to have an opinion nowadays, who knew?
    4. Wait doesn’t the phone solicitor people have to pay you at least minimum wage? You should have about $200 more from them.
    5. What does your husband do again?
    PS: Thanks for mentioning me :), you know how to make a guy feel special lol

    • I like how you list things, it makes it easy for a bipolar person to stay on topic.

      1. I’m not at all happy about quitting, no not one bit.
      2. Yup that’s the water leak that I’m referring to. I have to dig up the water line in my front yard and have it repaired but well when you can’t scrap two dimes together….
      3. I’m waiting on an email from a friend of my FIL whom may have some blogging work for me. I’m not sure when that email will be coming.
      4. No, no one HAS to pay you anything. There are loads of ways to get out of it and that’s why I put in a complaint with the Wage and Labor Board and I will keep up with that complaint until I feel something, the right thing has been done in my case.
      5. My husband sells home improvements and termite insurance.

      • Hahahaha well it makes it easier for me to ask everything I have questions about.
        Well at least you’re saving money by buying nicotine gum instead. If you wanna be totally crazy about saving money you could unplug EVERYTHING and plug it in only when you’re going to use it. Plus it’ll decrease your chances of burning your house down. To cut your water bill by pennies you could stick full water bottles in your toilet’s water tank. That only works if the toilet is older and has a big tank. It saves you a water bottle full of water every time you flush :D.

        • I like that water bottle idea! I don’t have old toilets but I do have ones with big tanks! It will be saving us only pennies because our town has raised our water prices twice this year 12% right before summer (filling swimming pools time) and 12% in October. Our town makes a lot of money by water prices so….we’re shit out of luck AND they do not give you extra time to pay your bill, they will cut you off!
          We already have everything unplugged 🙂

          • Uh… There’s also turning the heat down, which won’t neccesarily do much either. During the summer we put blankets on all the windows to keep the cold in, it works well to keep heat in too. If you want to be a stilker about water you can plug your sink and wash the dishes in the warm soapy water then give them a quick rinse before going into the dishwasher… That’s the best I come up with right now, but I’m suppsef yo be finishing home work right now so I’ll check back later 🙂

    • You know funny that you mention cartoons because I was beginning to feel like I was on a werid tv show where there has to be cameras everywhere and people watching us and laughing, you know like a pranked episode or something. And it’s freezing cold outside.

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