No Excuses From Me This Time

Sorry everyone for my MIA lately.  I don’t want to give an excuse for that, I’m trying to stop making so many excuse in my life and just settle for what it is.  I didn’t blog, as simple as that and it’s inexcusable when you have a blog of this caliber.  So pretty I’m sorry and lets move on.  I do have to thank all of you who checked here daily and sent me healthy vibes to help me get through this okay.

My life is in shambles;  what else is new, right?  I had heard a rumor that we are coming out of the recession…who started such a stupid rumor?  The economy has beat us down.  I have a total of $166 and our second mortgage wants 81 of that.  Ummmmmmmm ya right.  I have no clue how we are going to make it through the winter, hell I don’t know how we are going to make it through another month.  So whomever decided to pass around such a stupid rumor about our lives financially, well shut up!

So I am just about out of medication again, no health insurance again, which means soon I’ll be having an emotional breakdown.  I’m not looking forward to it.  It’s fall, it’s cold, I’m grumpy, and I want a damn beer, a shot of vodka or two, and a pack of cigarettes!  Now damn it, NOW!

I wish I could just sleep everything away.

6 thoughts on “No Excuses From Me This Time

  1. Not to sound echo-y, but we ARE coming out of the recession… it just happens in stages. First the stock market rebounds, evens out, then companies will see that they need to up supply in order to meet the demand, and will henceforth hire more workers, creating new jobs. You just gotta hang in there, as empty of advice as that sounds.

  2. Bats! It’s so nice to have you back!!! I was missing you so much! I’m sorry your life isn’t going so well right now. Is your husband still working? Did you finally quit smoking? Did your phone solicitor job go anywhere after that first paycheck? Your avid readers want to know. (wow you’re really going to hate me for writing that)

  3. To me, the mere fact that you are writing again is a sign of a positive future. And you know how much I suck at the whole “optimism” thing.

    I’ll push my luck by twisting around an oldie: The storm is always worst just before it’s gone. 🙄

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