Testing My Sobriety

As you can see and I’m sure you knew anyway, I’m okay even though I had to go to that party.  Way too much alcohol!  I didn’t drink but I can tell you that about 30 times that day I almost did.  It’s uncomfortable being the sober person, the only sober person at a function.  I made sure we left though before all the young women got naked and the men embarressed themselves.  I did have a major panic episode that night before going to bed thinking who was driving all those kids home, oh jesus h christ on a candle stick!  My husband had one beer and I had a major caffiene buzz from the party.  Am I glad I went?  No.  Do I want to do it again? No.  But alas there is a Christmas party coming up.  Blah.  How ever I did enjoy the part where they give away prizes, 😉  and this year they included all the kids and they had their own name drawing and at first we were all thinking this is a terrible idea because there were 10 prizes but 12 kids but somehow it ended up being 10 kids but the best part was my hubby winning the grand prizes of a fabulous amount of money!!!  Phew that means the mortgage can get paid, relief there on that avenue.

So all in all not really my cup of tea but I lived through it with minimal amount of pain.

6 thoughts on “Testing My Sobriety

  1. A good water-tight test. It’s rough being the only person sober in a room of drunken goons. Everyone who’s been drinking thinks their gods gift to the party, and the more out of control they become the more obnoxious the whole scene is.

    I can’t stand being around intoxicated people when I haven’t had a drink or two, just to take the edge off of my co-workers/family’s boorishness.

    Nice work out there, keep it up.

  2. Like can seem like such a nightmare sometimes. But at least your nightmare had a rewarding conclusion! Do you think that, perhaps, the folks who treat life as a game know something we don’t? 🙄

  3. Yes they probably do but I have it so ingrained in my head, the anxiety and panic that I’m thinking for the rest of my life all occassions are going to seem like a nightmare.

  4. Sobriety is a nightmare Bats. Being on crazymeds makes it so that I can’t have any alcohol ever. (Still- hell- I’d love to have a drink from time to time.) It really makes it SO uncomfortable at parties and bars. I cringe every time people ask me out. I know just how it feels.

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