September 11, 2001

Good Morning everyone. We all know what today is and what it means. Every morning on September 11th, I take some time to release emotions about what happened back on this day…eight years ago. Every year the emotions and feelings change. This year it’s sadness, heartbreak, fear, and just plain ole pissed off. I remember where I was and I remember exactly what I was doing the morning of September 11th, 2001, feeding my 6 month old baby daughter and watching the news as I did every morning. On September 12th, 2001 I changed that habit and no longer watched the news in the morning. How did you all react? What were you doing? Didn’t it change how your heart beats for the American country? And when you drive past an American flag, doesn’t your heart skip a beat now? Mine does.

Please take a moment and feel what you need to, cry if need be, punch a pillow, scream out loud and hug your loved ones or hug yourself. This first video pulled me in not because of the visual aspect of the video, though it is great but because of the sound, the unbelievable noise and emotions the shooter of the video went through. You’ll notice it too as she slowly opens her window to hear more or better and then when she closes the window because of fear of the ash and smoke that rushed towards her windows from what was once known as The World Trade Centers.

And this video well, it speaks for itself. Please take a moment to remember, today smile at a stranger and love those around you, let us band together just for today as we do every year on this day and love America. I’m proud to be an American.

Also this link will take you to a fabulous post here on about this day, please check it out and leave a word of thanks to the author of it~~~>>> 9/11 Declassified

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8 thoughts on “September 11, 2001

  1. I was in economics my senior year of high school. we watched the tv all day at school. i remember it was a big deal because i went to high school in Sarasota, FL, which is where bush was that morning–so a lot of people were worried that something was going to happen to our town. i’ll never forget that feeling of paralysis watching the towers fall. unreal.

  2. You know, I had held it together pretty well until now. All the way up through announcing my own post and coming over to read yours. It was just imaging the contents of those videos – without actually watching them – that proved too much. Since you included a link to one of my posts, I think you’ll understand. I’ll try to come back later.

  3. I do remember the day vividly. One thing oddly has stayed with me. For a few days after when the planes could not fly there were no contrails. Even today occasionally when I look in the sky and see a contrail I remember how they were gone for a few days after 9/11.

    In recent years I have also thought of the many innocents who have died in other countries during this conflict. Probably tens of thousands in Iraq. And I think of how more often than not it is innocents that are killed in these fights. It seems like seldom do the ones who stir up all this trouble come to any harm.

  4. I was in my first week of college and I remember my cell phone wouldn’t stop ringing that morning. I was in bed, probably reeking of cheap beer like a stereotypical college initiate, and my mom was calling me like crazy.

    “Turn on the tv” she said. I was in Boston, she was back in Maine. By the tone of her voice I could tell something big was happening. It might have been just under 9 in the morning.

    “What channel?” I asked.

    “It doesn’t matter,” and she was right.

    I moved to NYC about a year later to attend John Jay College of Criminal Justice and got my degree (in what I do) about four years later, all because of 9/11.

  5. OMG! I remember how I couldn’t get hold of anyone because “all circuits are busy, please try again later.” I just wanted to get hold of my Dad, he was suppose to do a delivery to the Pentagon on that day, thankfully he had a hangover and called in sick to work.

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