SS Day!

Today is yet another Stop Smoking Day, I decided on this day back when I bought that pack of cigarettes, I’d link you to that post but ummmmmmmmm well this morning I’m in a bad mood and feel like doing no work, none at all.  I don’t want to quit smoking, damn it!  Oh well I’ll get over it I guess, sooner or later most likely the latter of the two.

Okay so right now I’m already starting the physical withdrawal and my symptoms include:  sweating, hard time sitting still, and my brain seems boggled.  What is it, 72 hours and nicotine is completely out of the system?  So pretty much this gets worst, MUCH MORE WORST!

And on to other completely useless news…

I received my first paycheck.  Oh and you’re going to love this!  $14.50 for a total of 2 hours work, ummmmmmmmmm I worked many more hours than that, much more, many, many more, lots more.  After Uncle Sam took his cut, I got $13.29.  Ya that’ll keep us out of foreclosure.  My hubby and I talked about it and I’m going to complete 2 more weeks of work and see if my commissions are on the next check, that’ll be the 18th and if they aren’t I’ll be telling them where they can keep their $13 check.

Oh my FIL called me on Friday (I think) and he is putting me in touch with a gentleman whom needs people to write up advertising ideas for him.  I’m jumping in my boots waiting for this guy to call me or email me, now that sounds like a few dollars more than $14.  Maybe today he’ll call.

I have to get up and move so I’m working on writing a piece that explains a little more of some of my fears, anxieties and panic.  Soon on that one.

Happy Blogging Everyone!

12 thoughts on “SS Day!

  1. My wife recently quit smoking (with the promise of a puppy upon completion… say hi to our yellow Lab…) and yes, the first three days are the hardest, longest, most painful, and the rest that follow aren’t that easy either.

    You’ll fuck up, you’ll get pissed at yourself, your husband, kids, dogs, old people on the bus… but what kept Ang going for all these months was that if she took even one drag, she was going to be undoing all the hard work she’d already done.

    Get through the next hour, and at the end of that hour, look back at how tough just one hour was. Do you really want to go back to Square (Hour) 1 again? Keep it moving forward, and hours turn into days, days to weeks, weeks to months, … you get the idea.

    It is beatable, it’s a matter of how much you want it.

    • Congratulations to your wife! and Hello Yellow Lab. Ya I get the idea, I always have. You would think I would get the idea a little more since I have addictions to other drugs and the big ole A. Still hanging on though. Thanks J.

  2. Oh, PS: That auto-playing song when I walk into your site? That needs to go. Nothing is more off putting than randomly generated music and not knowing how to turn it off right away.

    This is your blog- your megaphone to the world. This is not The GAP or some other store in a mall void of emotions and color. As a reader I do not require musical greetings when I walk through the door.

    Thank You.

  3. Hi Bats, Good for you! I won’t lie and say it’s a breeze cos it’s not, but it does get easier the longer you hang in there! Even after all these weeks if I smell a ciggie I want one, but no way in hell I’m going through that again!

    Lots of hugs and support, Kat

  4. i don’t know you but i just happened across your page and wanted to let you know that i’m glad you’re quitting—it’s going to suck for a little while–but just wait until you can taste food again!!

  5. Dear bats0711,

    I didn’t made a blog for myself. If you could understand, what I wrote (it was hungarian …), than you could maybe understand the situation: I made the forum to make an ordinary place for my readers, who want discuss any themes from my blog. Therefore I copied all of the comments in the forum, so they are now in one place, and not splitted away on the blog. (My blog is about model trains). Bye! VT 135

  6. Hi Dani!
    I just sat here for atleast 10 minutes trying to figure out what you were referring to here 🙂
    Everyone Dani is referring to a thread in the off topic forum that I commented on because he held a conversation on the thread all with himself or so I thought! Now I understand.

    One suggestion for you Dani, try posting that under a hungarian wordpress off topic forum because not many are going to understand hungarian in that forum. I’m not sure how you go about finding a wordpress forum for the hungarian language though, try asking in the questions forum.

    Thank you so much for coming here and explaining it to me and you know I wish I had some sort of translator on my computer so I could read and respond to all lanuages.

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