Mom At Bar As Toddler Wanders Street

Hmmmmmmmmm well the title says it all.  Mom’s catching a buzz while her baby is out playing in traffic, so to speak.  Here’s an exert from the news story…

MOUNT AIRY, N.C. — A toddler was found wandering a Triad street wearing only a diaper, and deputies said the child’s mother was at a neighborhood bar.  Surry County Sheriff Graham Atkinson said the girl was found Tuesday afternoon about 100 feet from where she was staying. “I have found what looks like a 2-year-old girl wandering around, and nobody here knows who she belongs to,” said a 911 caller. “She was in the road when I found her.”

Read the full story here~~~>>>Mom At Bar As Toddler Wanders Street

Tell me, how does that make you all feel?  Scared, confused, mad as hell???  Thankfully not every guy driving down a street is a murderer or rapist!  Thankfully this little girl happened upon the right man and is now hopefully safe and thankfully her Mom can get some help.

I’m wondering, what do you all think, is this happening more or is it now socially acceptable to speak about the mistakes alcoholic mothers make?

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2 thoughts on “Mom At Bar As Toddler Wanders Street

  1. Well I think even if you have a disease that is a seriously big mistake. Plus was she an alcoholic or was she just going out drinking? Either way though, once your child’s life is thrown into the mix there’s a problem that needs to be fixed immediately.

  2. Good point, is she an alcoholic? Well I think my thinking and asking the question the way I did, was a way of showing judgement towards her for what has happened. I do want to put out there that I believe that a Mom who has a 2 year old doesn’t just go to the bar by themselves in the middle of the day, and that’s where my thinking is at on her being an alcoholic. Is it okay for me to make that judgement? Probably not. I’m going to need to put myself in check about that before I comment any further.

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