Drunk Driving Mom Tries To Flee Scene Leaving Tot In Car

Drunk Mom Tries To Flee Scene of Accident Forgetting Her Child

How unbelieveable is that?!  Her name is Lauren Story, 21 years old, with a BAL of .205, crashes into someone elses car gets out tries to flee the scene, instead of getting into her own car she gets into the car she wrecked into!  Oh that’s not it, her child was in HER CAR!

Come on ladies, drinking and driving is awful, we just learned this from The Wrong Way Drunk Driving Mom whom was supposely drunk on Ambesol.    And now this woman who is just as fucking drunk with her baby in her car with her, strapped into a car seat while Mom is swurving, crashing and then forgetting about him/her.

I hope the judge makes an example of her, and her baby can find true love with parents whom don’t scare the living shit out of it from day to day.

I’m done with this story, it makes me sick.

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6 thoughts on “Drunk Driving Mom Tries To Flee Scene Leaving Tot In Car

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  3. There is not a lot of background information on this young woman. Does she have a history of heavy drinking? Is she on social assistance? Is she still in school? Where’s the father? What kind of relationship does she have with her parents and with the parents of the father? At 17 she is still a child herself so why is she referred to as a “deadbeat” mom? Where are the people in her community when she needs them?

    Set her up with some counselling and if he is not abusive, get the baby’s father involved. Ensure she has enough support systems in place so she doesn’t fall through the cracks. Perhaps connecting her with Alcoholics Anonymous would be a good idea.

    • Welcome SayBlade…thank you for your comment and one thing that I hear you on is there is no information on this young woman, none. And by that we don’t know anything except this case of her, nothing before hand and nothing after.
      The young woman that I am referring to in this article isn’t 17, she is rightfully a woman at 21 years of age.

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