End of Nablopomo 0809

42-17182418See this stack of papers, binders, and folders?  That’s pretty much what my school work pile has grown into.  I haven’t been able to do any school work at all.  I know shame on me, I have an excuse though!  I know again shame on me for making excuses.  I get up at 7am, I get my daughter ready for school, she’s on the bus by 8:30am and then it’s time to get my son ready for the day.  Let’s see, hmmmmm, chores and playing last until about 4pm and then I get my daughter off the bus.  Anyway I have to call people from 6-9pm and then it’s brush teeth, get clean and time for bed for my kids.  By this time, I am exhausted and most of the time I am in bed by 10pm.  I DO feed them by the way.  So anyway I guess you are wondering why I am telling you all of this?  Well sadly I am going to have to bow out of Nablopomo for the month of September.  I HAVE to get caught up with everything around here especially my school work.  You WILL hear from me though, just not everyday anymore.  I’m not happy I’m going to have to get out of bed around 5:30am for the time being until I can get caught up.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!  Happy Blogging Everyone!

4 thoughts on “End of Nablopomo 0809

  1. Oh it’s going great! Our water line has a leak and it’s going to take ohh about $3000 to fix it. Did you hear that? That’s called the foreclosure fairy.

  2. …Well at least you’re not dorming it… then you’d have to deal with the inevitable outbreak of H1N1 from all the frat kids sharing their beer pong cups with each other.

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