It Is What It Is

I am working for the smallest amount of money I have ever worked for.   Please don’t get me wrong, I’m still doing the job but it’s nothing like the way it was explained to me and I’ll actually be making 1/4 of what I was told I would be making but like I told my hubby I’ll do it for 30 -60 days and if I decide the money isn’t worth it, then I’ll make a decision.  I know what you’re thinking, “ummmmmmmm Bats, you’re about to lose your house and you have no money.  How can you be picky?!?”  Well let me see if I can explain my side of thinking here…the all time best time of the day to telemarket is between 6-9pm Mon-Fri and 9-12 Sat., and those are the hours I thought they were asking me to work, well during the training class I actually was told how this goes and none of it was the way it was explained to me over the phone.  They give me an assignment, a quota goes with the assignment and they have the amount of authorized hours I am allowed to be paid for.  Sooooooo  my first assignment was I needed to schedule 30 pick ups and I was only going to get 5 authorized hours to get paid so another words they’re telling me it should take me only 5 hours to set those 30 pick ups, another thing they added there was that I should beable to schedule those 30 pick up by Sunday evening easy or else I wasn’t going to be keeping the job, another words schedule the damn 30 pick ups by Sunday evening or you don’t get the job!  So I worked a good 4 hours Friday night, 3 hours Saturday morning, another 3 hours Saturday night then a good 4 hours Sunday evening.  Ummmmmmmmm how the hell does that equal 5 hours?  It’s beyond me.  So by the end of the weekend, the dishes weren’t done, laundry awaited me, and kids demanded to be fed ( 😉 ) and school work hadn’t even been thought of BUT the 30 pickups were scheduled and waited for the 31st to arrive.  I wanted, no needed a decomposing day.  The commission is nearly next to nothing but they say that’s how you make the big money at this job…~insert insane laughing smiley here~  So Iwent through a period Sunday night while I listened and became hypnotized by a ringing phone that I actually thought, “you suck at telemarketing, Bats.  What the hell were you thinking?”  Now then telemarketing is one place I KNOW I am good at, I mean shit if you can sell termite insurance over the phone, you are definately good at telemarketing!”  I do not lack confidence in my ability there but for that couple minutes I did doubt myself, I doubted my experience and ability.  I think I was just tired and needed some M&M’s and Doritos, sadly I don’t have any around.

I also thought my son would be going to pre-K this year but after a long wait over the summer with no one sending me information, I called 2 weeks ago.  I was told “Be patient, they get you all the information.”  Well school started yesterday and no information, so I called.

Too Sweet Talking Secretary: No, he can’t attend pre-K here, your husband makes too much money.
Bats: LOL no seriously when does he start?
Too Sweet Talking Secretary: No I’m being serious, you’ll have to find another school for him and pay out of pocket.
Bats: Okay so what you’re telling me is all the information I have been given over the past 6 months is completely false?
Too Sweet Talking Secretary: I apologize for that but it is what it is. For a household of 4, you’d have to only have 39,000 a year as income.
Bats: Jesus H. Christ selling sandels! I would be living in a cardboard box and eating worms for meals if we had to live off of that! Jeesh we can barely survive on what he is making and you’re telling me it needs to be less just to get my son an education that he deserves?
Too Sweet Talking Secretary: Well it is what it is.
Bats: Ya, goodbye.

I was told he would be allowed to attend because of him having a speech developmental problem but alas, it is what it is.

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11 thoughts on “It Is What It Is

  1. Good grief, people and their promises and lies. You can’t live with ’em and you can’t just mow ’em down. Damn! Don’t you sometimes wish that you could, just for a moment, absolutely lose it! And then have it all not really have happened – once you’ve gotten your sweet satisfaction of course!

    ~insert insane laughing smiley here~ 😆

  2. Excuse my language but what the hell? How is it that you can make too much money to go to school? And why would they think you could get those 30 pickups in 5 hours? Maybe if every person you called wanted to do that you could get that done but honestly…? Who ever your working for needs to lay off the drugs I think.

    • Well shit! Now you have me cussing too 😉
      It’s not possible to set that many pick ups in 5 hours, it’s NOT! They know that ppl need jobs right now in this area so they are taking advantage of us, it’s plain and simple. They’re so lucky I need money or I’d contact consumer affairs or well I’d yell in their faces. hee hee
      To go to a public school preK program, it goes by your income because it’s not a required ‘course’ for the school to offer. yada yada yada

  3. I hear ya Bats…we’ve been in the same situation, family of 5 though. Enough money not to qualify for anything, yet your poor as dirt with the income. They just don’t here us, the ones that hover between poor and lower middle class. We are invisible….

    By the way, even though I’m not bi-polar(maybe I am, hell just look at my blogging), but I do suffer from anxiety issues and pathetic self-esteem. Parents were alcoholics, brother too….me, I’m diabetic so I tend to stay away from the grown-up beverages, but I do have a bottle of Absinthe in case I just want to say fuck it.

    Peace, and keep your head up….it gets better right?

    • Ya and that Absinthe’s will do it for ya too. Good for you for knowing what you can have as a diabetic and following it.
      I have a dog maybe I should up my family to 5, although I think he’d still make too much money. We are invisible just not invisible enough to walk up to a bank vault and help ourselves. 😉
      It gets better???…hmmmmmmmmmmmmm that’s what the government keeps saying, I’m doubting it though.

  4. Hey Bats,

    Here’s a line from I Hate My Life by Theory of a Deadman. I was gonna put the video on my blog but you have to pay for that now so I didn’t.

    …so if you’re pissed like me, this is what you gotta do. Stick your middle fingers up in the air, go on and say Fuck You!…. 😉


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