I am so nervous!  Today is the training day ; it’s 5 o’clock in the morning, I’m trying to chug a cup of joe, get the kids up, dressed, eaten and ready, meanwhile I’m doing flip flops in my stomach about this class but I keep telling myself that anyone can endure this for 4 or 5 hours.  I’ve just made myself such an isolated person over the past few years that I don’t know how to act or how I WILL act.  I currently don’t own any business casual clothes so I’m hoping not everyone will be dressed for success, because I sure in hell won’t be. 

Even with all of these unknown feelings inside me, curiousity is still there.  Yes curiousity and excitement.  I know it’s not a huge job but with some extra money we just might make it, we just might be okay.  I’ve watched all of the parents enjoy leaving for vacation with their kids, coming home with tans, the kids enjoying new toys and new clothes; I swear I don’t know how all of these parents have the money to do anything!  I especially don’t know how my daughters best friend in the neighborhood has the money they do.  They are a one income family, the dad is a stay at home Dad (SAHD) but still new car, new refridgerator, new toys every weekend for their kids, new shoes, new clothes, new pets, this list could go on and on.  My Dad would tell me “to stop keeping up with the Jones and worry about your own things.”  and Dad is always right about these things so “I’m working on it Dad, I really am!”

Well it’s just about 5:30am so I need to go pound my joe and pace for 5 minutes before I get going.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

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6 thoughts on “It’s Friday and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

  1. Hahaha you are always so refreshingly realistic. I hope all went well with your meeting, I know that sometimes they can make a big issue about how your dressed. My mom can’t even wear jeans to her job because they’re so persnickety. At my school one is required to wear a suit and tie (or a dress for girls) to be aloud into the Associated Student Body (ASB) meetings. I always wore old ripped jeans and a grey jacket, both of which were covered in dust from pottery, and I never got kicked out. They made such a big fuss about something they never once enforced. And had they enforced it I wouldn’t have left or I would have gone to the principle and thrown a fit hahaha.

  2. I haven’t been called refreshingly realistic before. LOL
    See I don’t agree with school uniforms, it makes everyone look like they belong to a cult of some form. It’s as if they are trying to make you all into one person. Anyway, I was the best dressed person there, and that says a lot. 😉

  3. You are absolutely right Joe. The debt that everyone is in, is very scary. I mean hell it’s not like one day we are all going to wake up and that bill has been paid or no longer exist. I just found out yesterday that my bro and SIL are in atleast 75 thousand dollars of credit card debt. Now I get paying bills and all but jeesh, in order to use these credit cards you should have the intention of paying it back! We only have one credit card and that’s for emergency use only, and that emergency doesn’t apply to bills of any kind, it’s for things like we are out of town and the Jeep breaks or the kids HAVE to go to the doctor but right after we use it, we pay it and since we can’t pay it, we don’t use it. Credit card debt makes my brain spin and not in the good way. 😉

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