I’m Employed

telemarketerYAY! I go for the training class on Friday, thankfully this will be the only time I will have to go into the office since it is 2 hours away from me and I have to be there at 8am which means I’ll have to get up at 4 to get everyone up, eaten and ready to go. I’m excited, kind of; my hubby on the other hand said he’ll be excited when he sees a paycheck. What a nut he’s being. So hopefully this job will produce me some money to either give to the bank for the house or to actually buy groceries, oh hey gas in the Jeep for my hubby would be great!

Anyway this is pretty much the jist of it. I’m going to telemarket from home in the evening from 6-10pm for the National Childrens Hospital here in MD. All the job is, calling people asking them if they have any donations that the drivers could pick up, if yes than great! If no, not a big deal maybe next time. For every donation the drivers are actually able to pick up, meaning if the people leave the donations out for them, then I get a commission off that which I’m not sure how that would work or how much commission yet, believe me I’ll make sure someone lets me know on Friday. And plus I get an hourly rate between $8-12, I’m not sure what my rate will be because they start you out at a low hourly rate and as you show experience they’ll raise you up. Well I have loads of telemarketing experience and that was actually selling something, this is donations so I should do quite well.

Yup I’m one of those annoying, pesking, bitches that will call you during your dinner or while you are trying to get your kids to bed. 😉

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7 thoughts on “I’m Employed

  1. Hahaha my house never has anything to put out. Well we do we just can’t ever seem to get it together so we can get rid of all of our crap. Anyway as long as you don’t call me I wish you good luck. 😉

  2. I have the same issue, having gutzpa to actually pull together all of the stuff that isn’t needed anymore.
    Well if you’re not in MD then I won’t be calling you but if you are ummmmmmmm I can’t promise you anything.

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