Wrong-Way Drunk Driving Mom

Yet another reason not to drive while drinking, or drugging.  When we catch a buzz we are not living in a reality that means we can get behind the wheel of a car, control it, and get safely where we want to go.  Especially not when we have others in the car with us, those poor children.  The mom most likely didn’t know what hit her but those children probably knew that they were going to die, not to mention the individuals in the other vehicles involved, the others who had to die because of this wrecklessness and stupidity of the mom.  Under no circumstances is it okay to indanger others around us so we can catch that buzz.  Now I know I’m an alcoholic and I shouldn’t be judging others actions but jeesh this one’s really hard to look the other way without judgement.

Every 15 minutes someone dies from an alcohol related accident…please don’t drink and drive!

The Long Island mom behind the wheel in a fiery wrong-way crash that killed her and seven others along a New York state highway was reportedly drunk and had high levels of marijuana in her system, authorities said Tuesday.

Read full story here—>>> Wrong-Way Drunk Driving Mom

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4 thoughts on “Wrong-Way Drunk Driving Mom

  1. Not only do you need your wits about you when you drive, you need them focused on driving! I am constantly amazed at the stupid things people do while driving. 🙄

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