Procrastination, An Alcoholics Dream

For every this alcoholic tomorrow can mean a lot in life.  It can mean;

“I’m going to quit, tomorrow.”
“There’s no point in saving these last ones for tomorrow.”
“I can pay those bills tomorrow.”
“I’ll do that chore tomorrow.”
“I can talk with the doctor about that tomorrow.”
“I’ll go to detox tomorrow.”
“I’ll call AA tomorrow.”
“I’ll send in that request to Women for Sobriety tomorrow.”
“I’ll start to go to meetings tomorrow.”

For some alcoholics procrastination seems like a heaven sent dream to them because it can seem like it gives them more time to drink, when actually it just gives more time for anxiety, panic, depression, and self- loathing.  In the beginning of my alcoholic ‘career’ I swore I had procrastination down to a T and that I on the outside was holding life together perfectly but in reality my life was a humongous mess, a huge disappointment and a drunken slur.  Procrastination for the average alcoholic is in reality; a dream, a nightmare BUT that average alcoholic doesn’t see what’s happening on the outside just what they are dreaming is happening on the inside of their life.

Every time I have quit drinking for any substancial amount of time, the tomorrow procrastination method was the first thing I had to get rid of in my everyday life.  Well partially get rid of in my everday life, I’ve always been a procrastinator but never as bad as when I was an active drunk.  How do you get rid of tone down  procrastination?  NIKE figured it out a long time ago, Just Do It.  Quit saying in a minute, or maybe later, just get to it, finish it, be proud of yourself for accomplishment, reward yourself (correctly), and then move onto the next accomplishment in your day.  Quit saying, “I’ll get to it tomorrow.”  As a matter of fact, I have a few things to get done today, so my procrastination period is over.

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