Keep It Simple Saturday

Well it’s going to be impossible to do KISS and talk about the theme ‘tomorrow’ also, well I’ll see what I can do. Today I am very grateful for so much but especially for:
~my children’s health and happiness.
~my children’s laughter and giggles.
~my children’s eye’s that look directly into your soul and makes you smile inside and out
~my children’s breathing as they sleep and dream at night.
~my children’s trust in everything that I do.

I’m never sure what tomorrow holds because for so long I’ve lived in the moment, isn’t that how we are suppose to stay sober? Isn’t that how we are suppose to live with Bipolar Disorder? For some reason trying plan a tomorrow gets overwhelming for my brain, my soul, my being. For me living in the moment is what has kept me sober, kept me alive for any moment of time. There are people that plan out everything from clothes for the week to food for the week. I get discombobulated and I can’t understand how to do it or how to live in the tomorrow. I was never taught to plan out my life, to set goals or a plan for the future. I just live right now. Am I hungry right now? If so, what do I want? Am I thirsty right now? If so, what should I have? Are bills do right now, right this minute, today? If so, how should I pay them? To actually put a plan to all of these questions for any length of time other than right now, I wouldn’t even know where to begin, how to do it or how to prioritize them. It’s always about right this minute because if it’s not most likely it’ll get so overwhelming, so confusing, so complicated that I would just end up drinking and making things more complicated. I’m not sure how I feel about this tomorrow thing.

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3 thoughts on “Keep It Simple Saturday

  1. Wow, that was… powerful! For me, living in the moment has always been the hardest thing. I think everyone I know thinks of me as the least spontaneous person they know. But I can’t stop feeling like things will simply fall apart if I haven’t planned for every possibilities. 😯

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