The End of Nablopomo0709

It being July 31st marks the end of the July theme for nablopomo0709 of routine. I’m actually quite pleased with myself that I was able to stick with it for 31 days and pleasantly shocked that it didn’t seem like too much work. As for routine, doing this created a routine for me of getting up at a decent hour (before everyone else), enjoying a cup of joe, my morning cigarette (unbothered), and using my mind for a blog post. Since it created a routine for me and one that’s pleasing for me, I’ve decided that I’ll stick with it for another month. I’m also learning a bit about how to tag and categorize my blog better so I need to do a little revamping on that but I’m starting actually see traffic, and good traffic not just BS. I get good comments (thanks Mak!) and it’s helping my mind rest a bit because after I do a blog post, it’s like a release comes over my brain and those subjects no longer need to stay there blocking up the traffic for the next thoughts. So I’ve enjoyed it.

Today is also the doctors appointment for my daughter so I don’t have much time on here, (the appointment cut into my routine 😉 and I need to go get the kids up, feed them, dress them, hair done (daughter), and then work on getting hubby up and some coffee in him so he’ll be a little more alert to ask any questions I might forget to ask or mention. I could use some good vibrations so i don’t loose my mind today; so if you all don’t mind, can you send some over this way? —–> I’ll update today if I have time on this appointment, if not today/tonight, definately tomorrow.

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