I’m In a Terrible Mood

Just a quick update this morning for my blog post of the day….

Dad is okay, he’s groggy, sore and tired so he’s resting. Phew…I’m going to call him sometime today to find out details of everything. So at this point that’s all I know.

My hubby got up yesterday morning and just by looking at him I could tell he wasn’t at all feeling good. SO I got him into his doctor a couple hours after that and they sent him for xrays and gave him prescriptions, and now he has to see a physical therapist for his neck and back. I’m a little anxious about the xrays but I guess if anything was wrong they would’ve already told us. He can’t work for the rest of this week which means no paycheck is coming in, the mortgage is late and I can’t find a damn job.

I know this was an accident but I hope Mr. 16 year old isn’t already driving around in another Mercedes by now. I wonder how the middle car people are doing? :/

I want a fucking drink, oh and a valium would be nice right about now.

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4 thoughts on “I’m In a Terrible Mood

  1. Oh man, Bats, I’m so sorry to read about your Dad and the other bad stuff going on. 😐 But I’m glad you have the good news of your daughter being home. 😀

    I’ve been so caught up in my own stuff, and creating those massive posts on the space program, that I’ve scarcely had time to keep up with anything else. 😳

    Best wishes for improvements in your situation.

  2. Hi Bats,

    Bats said, “I want a fucking drink, oh and a valium would be nice right about now.”

    I can certainly understand your feeling that way Bats, only if it were me, I think I might prefer a doobie in place of the valium.

    Only the American Alcohol Companies lobbied (Bribed, Pay-Ola) Congress way back whenever to make it illegal. Apparently the American Alcohol companies would have lost Billions upon Billions of dollars in profit every year. Knowing that they did that, is almost enough to make a person want to stop drinking completely.

    I hope your evening gets better soon, and that your dads hospital visit goes well so he can return home again soon happy and healthy.

  3. I’m happy she is home now also. Nothing like having your kids around to help you ignore everything else around you besides them.
    And those posts are fabulous btw. Everyone should go check them out. 😉

  4. Thanks Oklahoma for coming by and I am sure my terrible mood will pass. I don’t think my Dad will ever be healthy again but I would love to think we can keep him around for a few more years. I’m just not reading to say goodbye to him yet. :/

    Ya pot is illegal but alcohol which kills so many people every year, every day isn’t. Did you know that every 15 minutes someone dies from an alcohol related accident?

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