Another Crash

My husband calls me up and I know right off the bat when he says, “I’ve got good news and bad news…”  I know just what that means, he’s been in an accident.  Yup the poor man was stopped, the car behind him was slowing down to their stop and the car behind that one well wasn’t stopping, and never did, hit the car behind my hubby and that car slammed into him.  That middle car he said was fucked up!  The car that cause all of this was driven by a teenager just starting out, (and this is going to be a tad bit of a rant) and he was driving a Mercedes!  What the hell is a 16 year old doing driving a Mercedes?!?  Well he’s not driving a Mercedes anymore, HA!  Okay that’s awful of me to bitch about that but I asure you I made sure he was okay first. 😉  So hubby is pretty sore and hungry which means I don’t have much time to blog this morning, I should’ve got earlier but I was tired.  I’m a tad worried about all these accidents.  I can remember August of 08 he wrecked the Jeep, smashed that thing up a tad, was almost totalled but since it was still technically driveable they couldn’t total it.  The February of this year he totalled the Jetta, completely totaled that thing and now another accident.  I’m a little worried about the damage he does to his back and neck, I mean his body is just finished repairing itself and then it has to start all over again.  He’s promised me he’ll talk with his regular doctor again.  One thing I was happy to see about the ER Room Doctor was they didn’t give him a prescription to any pain killers, not that my hubby would abuse them but that means their no longer handing them out like candy.  Maybe something good has come from Michael Jackson’s death???

So I’m going to go and see if I can get him anything, some Advil maybe.   Oh one side note, I had said my daughter was going to come home today well my inlaws had a friend die of cancer and they didn’t want to drive up here today, drive down there and then have to come back up on Tuesday so I don’t get to see her until Tuesday and when I talked to her yesterday on the phone she started crying. 😦  I’m pretty bummed about it and I miss her so much, my heart hurts for how much I miss her.

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8 thoughts on “Another Crash

  1. I know! I guess though when you drive for a living (right now he does in home sales) the ratio of how much he drives and the amount of accidents isn’t so bad. Oh and I won’t even mention the cost of insurance for him!! Luckily he’s been with the same insurance company for the past 13 years and luckily this one wasn’t his fault! We have a lot of speed cameras with the counties around us and well I also won’t talk about the speeding tickets he gets in the mail. :/

  2. 1984 knocking at our door! 😳

    Oddly enough, despite my finally having had enough of driving for my local commute, I actually found all the service trip driving I did for my job quite enjoyable. That is, If you don’t count my habit of nodding off behind the wheel. 😕

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