Anyone Have Any Lotion?

Well I itch and my Dad lets me know yesterday evening that I need to get in touch with my doctor ASAP because it is a sign of a problem with the medication and my liver. Okay before you say ‘well your Dad doesn’t have a PhD, yada, yada, yada.’ No he doesn’t but if there is one thing he does know about it’s an alcoholics liver and how medications can fuck with it. I already have a prescription from my doctor to have my blood drawn since the last time I saw him, I itched then but I didn’t have this darn rash. So I just need to ask my insurance company where I go to do this and well I haven’t had the umph to do it until I spoke with my Dad last night, I promised him I would take care of it ASAP just for him. I worried about going off the medication, I’m worried about the withdrawals, I’m worried that I won’t find another match for me with medication. This sucks. My doctor had told me that the itching, remember I didn’t have the rash when I last saw him, could either be A.) a side effect of the medication, B.) a reaction to the medication, or C.) the medication reacting badly towards my liver. So I guess we shall see.

A quick update on my Dad, since I’m already talking about him.  I’m sure I have mentioned my Dad has diabetes, heart disease, alcoholism, and his liver, kidneys, and bladder are pretty much shot from all of his health defects.  Well he’s had a stress test (for like the 20th time) done on his heart and that test told the doctor that he now has to go into the hospital to have his heart looked at a little closer so they are going to send a catheter something or another through a vein in my Dad’s leg and follow it up into his heart, see what’s blocked, what’s pumping and what’s not and if there is anything they can repair while they are in there.  This test will tell us if it’s going to be medication management or open heart surgery for him.  With my Dad’s heart working at about 25%, most likely we are afraid it’s going to be open heart surgery but I’m not jumping my guns either and will continue to hope for a much safer route of helping my Dad remain here with us for as long as he can.  This is costing him a fortune!  He has medicare and they pay diddly squat and I’m disappointed in the government for making my Dad pay out of pocket for this type of stuff, atleast pay more than $128 of a $2000 test, I mean geez this is my Dad whom served in the Vietnam war and who has paid his dues to this country in more than one way.  Anyway, talking about that will just piss me off.  So he has this catheter test done July 22nd and I’m waiting for him to let me know if my brother will be driving him or if I need to beg my hubby to take him.  It’ll be hard because my Dad lives about 45 minutes from us and then his hospital is another 15 minutes from there and well he has to be there at 7am.  I’m going to have to come up with a good arguement before I try to sell my hubby on this one.  This is my Dad though and even if I don’t have to get him a ride there, I still want to be there for him, he needs some kind of family support system right now and since my mother isn’t going to go to the hospital with him, I don’t mind in the least to go and just sit by his side and let him talk my ear off about nothing in particular.  I know I have said it before, my Dad is my Hero and you just can’t get any better than him, he’s been there for me on more than one occassion and even if he doesn’t ask for it, I know he needs someone there with him.

Other than all of that…not much happening.  My daughter called and left a message so her Dad called her up and she talked with and her brother but didn’t even think to speak with me, she handed the phone back to my fil before I could have a chance to get on the phone. 😦  I miss her and I can tell that my son is going crazy without her here which is driving me insane as well.  I hope I still have hair left after this week is over!

So that’s it for this morning and I’m now going to get myself a cup of Joe and then figure out my day, I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to take my medication today or not.  We shall see.

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4 thoughts on “Anyone Have Any Lotion?

  1. Hi Bats,

    A good skin lotion would only help the surface of the problem, if in deed the problem is really being caused from a reaction by The Pharmaceutical Assault Team.

    And an honorable Ruling Government “Should” give better Health Care to their War Veterans too, (Your Dad.)

    Even in the beginning days of the Iraq War, George W. Bush was taking away money that was supposed to go to the education and health care of the small children of the American men and women who were fighting The War On Terror in Iraq.

    Even while the men and women in uniform were boarding the planes to Iraq, the story broke of how George W. had taken away those funds that had originally been given to their children’s health care. I was shocked, but not surprised.

    A country that will send their sons and daughters to die in a War in another country, and yet not help them when they are in the hospital, are just lower than words can accurately describe.

    I’m glad you will be going with your dad to the hospital. You are right, he needs family to be with him during this time. Maybe you could take a couple books with you, and read to him in case the conversation becomes quiet.

    And those blockages you spoke of.

    Have you ever heard of Tai Chi and Chi Gung exercise?

    There sorta like a slow moving meditation of exercises that incorporate the breath that is said to help in opening up Blockages in the human body and increase one’s health.

    What happens (they say) is that blockages move in, and prevent your internal energy and blood flow to certain internal organs. And when this happens, the internal organs begin to break down and die.

    But with daily practice of Tai Chi and Chi Gung, they say those internal meridians begin to open up again, allowing the internal energy and blood (chi) to flow again to the different organs, and your health begins to improve.

    And the only side effect, is better health. That in itself, is probably making The Pharmaceutical Companies pull their hair out. So let them pull theirs out, instead of you.

    And speaking of that cup of Joe, during the summer months I have mine over ice. Part of that morning ritual that sometimes doesn’t begin until the afternoon.

  2. awww i am sorry to hear what’s going on over there. i wish your dad well.yeah these products are sometimes dangerous especially if they don’t agree with your biochemistry. 😦 anyway to make you feel better i posted an email interview i did for a musician. i hope you have a visit so you can check it out and have a bit of laugh.

  3. Thanks Oklahoma for your comment. I wish my Dad was much more open minded about things like Tai Chi but he is who he is and well I’m sure he’d tell me it was complete bulshit. :/

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