Keep It Simple Saturday

Today just so happens to be my oldest sons birthday, cool birthday date huh? 7/11. Yup today he turns 15. Every year on this date I get bummed for obvious reasons, well okay they aren’t obvious to just the common person who doesn’t know anything about me. I started to hit rock bottom about 14 years ago so he lives with foster parents in another state. He’s not too far from me but I can’t just go pick him up if I choose and now that he’s older, understands more there is obvious conflict in his life when it comes to me so I don’t push myself on him and try to wait patiently for the times he does want something to do with me. Just a tad of a small side note, I don’t think I have hit my true rock bottom yet. No, that’s going to be an ugly, grotesque place that I haven’t reached yet. So today’s gratitude list is dedicated all to him!

~I have been far to lucky to have known my son. To have given birth to such a treasure.
~He’s the only one that can make me laugh at getting a bug caught in my mouth.
~He astounds me each time I talk with him and hear how intelligent he really is.
~I treasure each minute I have had with him that still remains in my mind for me to remember.
~I have known complete and uncondition love and support from him, I know what forgiveness really means.

All of these things I treasure, keep close to my heart and mind. I am so grateful today to have been touched by his presence, love, understanding, and forgiveness. Happy Birthday Son, I love you!

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4 thoughts on “Keep It Simple Saturday

  1. I love reading stuff like this. Makes one believe in life and that everything has magic as long as you look for it.Congratulations for bringing out another magic to the world.

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