It’s Friday and I’m Calm, Cool, & Comfortable

Well, my kids got home from their mystery adventure with Grandma and Grandpa last night about 10:30, but I didn’t get to see either of them because they were dog tired and went to bed straight away. Well that’s not true, I saw my daughter for 30 seconds and long enough for her to tell me ‘leave me alone, I’m tired’. Sometimes being a Mom sure does pay off. :/ My inlaws said they were so incredibly good and they all had a fabulous time. I’m thinking are you sure that you took my kids with you? Are you sure aliens didn’t transport my kids to their mother ship and leave you with two brand new one’s for this trip? Anyway they went to Hershey Park in PA so I knew they were going to love their destination once they got there and saw it. Hell I mean the place IS chocolate so no better place to take my kids! I was also happy to hear that there were rides my kids could ride. I had worried about that because they are quite smaller than the average kid and I was happy to hear they both loved the roller coasters. I hate roller coasters because of the panic attacks that I have on them but I know I’m missing out on an enormous amount of fun. So yay! for my two brave little people! All of them looked so tired after the day they had, including my inlaws.

So now my inlaws will be here about 9:30 this morning to pick up my daughter and take her down with them to SC for her week of Cheerleading Camp. She’s so excited about this week, she loves this camp and it’s one of the best camps in the country for cheerleading. Luckily my sister inlaw runs the camp so I know she is well taken care of and is watched. I’ll miss her incredibly so but this is something that every year she loves to do and I get a week of just my little man and me. It’s a great experience for her so I can live with me being a little uncomfortable for a week. Plus she gets to see her cousins for a week and she loves them! They are all great kids and enjoy her company very much, she always comes back so much smarter and independent than when she left.

So now onto…it’s Friday and for some reason I’m feeling quite comfortable in my own skin this morning. I’m not so worried about needing or wanting to numb my brain. As a matter of fact my brain seems to be working at a ‘normal’ pace and I seem almost calm, yup calm and comfortable. Tonight is my hubby’s poker night so we shall see how I feel later on or even after my daughter leaves her this morning, this comfortable calm feeling could just be a fleeting thought but who knows, it could be an all day experience for me. Wish me luck!

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4 thoughts on “It’s Friday and I’m Calm, Cool, & Comfortable

  1. COA is Cheerleaders of America.
    My daughter competed at COA, JamFest, Cheerpower, American Dance and Cheer.
    COA is known for having big summer camps, that’s why I asked.

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