Transformers, More Than Meets The Eye

My inlaws didn’t take the kids last night but are going to be here in about 2 hours to get them, I must have misunderstood the plans for this mystery adventure for them and that’s why I didn’t get on here and come up with a plan last night.  So they will pick them up this morning then they will be home tomorrow night.  The good thing about this is that leaves me no room to drink, the bad news about this is I only get to sleep in for one day!  But I’ll take one day off any day.  So now what to do with my day, I know I have to do laundry (YAY! right?) and I’m thinking of reading a Dean Koontz book, probably Servants of Twilight, and lounging by the pool.  That should do it.  Oh, I could actually watch something on TV other than Spongebob.  Don’t get me wrong Spongebob is awesome but I’ve seen literally every episode atleast 4 times.  One thing is for sure, that it’s going to be incredibly quiet.

Yesterday while my inlaws were here I was so shocked that I didn’t get a lecture on the dangers of smoking or asked over and over again when I’m going to quit or why I haven’t quit again yet.  When I get this I try to say as little as possible and just nod and agree, it seems to work out for me.  I don’t want to quit damn it, said while jumping up and down like a little crying girl.  I know it sounds werid to others but I’m unhappy being a nonsmoker and I’m talking VERY unhappy almost to the point I could rip the heads off all the stuffed animals in this house.  Yes, if I’m a nonsmoker you should exit the building stage left because it’s going to be a very horrific scene.  I refuse to think about it any longer.

I just love it though when a person who doesn’t have any addictions in life, never have smoked and can actually drink half of a drink and throw the rest down the drain (GASP!) without even thinking twice about it, can ask me “why don’t you just stop, stop right now?  Why did you go back to it, were the cravings bad?”  Ummmmmmmmmmm you’re in my bubble and saying stupid shit please leave immediately.  I don’t ever go into the physically part about addiction, it’s too much to explain and I sure as shit haven’t said anything to my inlaws about the genetic value in this matter.  Well maybe I should, maybe they’d get that glazed look in their eyes and never mention it again.  I refuse to think about this any longer.

My son got 2 transformers for his birthday, and I have to say they are ridiculously hard to transform, so hard in fact that it’s at the point of  violently throwing them off a bridge!  I can not believe that a 4 year old should be able to use them!  I’ve just realized this confirms the fact that when we are younger we are smart and as we get older we get stupider.

Is stupider even a word?  LOL!

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